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November 28, 2022



Mike Pearson

17 Apr 2008

College Democrats need fewer ‘Democrats,’ more intelligence

As the election draws closer, as the ads and the YouTube videos grow more and more bitter and propagandic, I find myself sitting here thinking about Mike Donnelley.   You know Mike Donnelley; his brother Al was running for Governor. […]

26 Mar 2008

Time changes, generations remain the same

Do you remember that scene in “The Blair Witch Project,” that shaky, dark scene where the girl was crying out to anyone who would find that worthless documentary they were working on?    I’m starting to feel a lot like […]

02 Feb 2007

Alternative candidates desired for president

As a direct response to Keighla Schmidt’s column last week, I would like to say, you’re right. Ms. Schmidt was correct when she spoke of America not being ready for a black president or a female president.

09 Nov 2006

English band offers fans a less serious sound

I’m starting to feel rather old when I talk about music. Saying things like, “Hey, remember that song ‘Peaches’ by the Presidents of the United States of America?” or “I heard ‘Sellout’ by Reel Big Fish on Drive 105 last night!” tend to attract more than a furrowed brow these days.

Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson is a student at UW-River Falls.