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June 12, 2024


Alternative candidates desired for president

February 2, 2007

As a direct response to Keighla Schmidt’s column last week, I would like to say, you’re right. Ms. Schmidt was correct when she spoke of America not being ready for a black president or a female president.

I share her “selfish” sentiments, seeing as I want the Democrats to take the House, Senate, and executive branch in a high-stakes game of political hold-em; therefore, I would like to offer two candidates that might be more fitting for the American public. I think the Democratic nominee should go to PC and Mac from the Apple Computer television ads.

Here you have two recognizable white males who would be perfect for the job. For the seat of president, I nominate PC. Our country is ready for a change, but let’s not be too radical; PC is not the brightest political icon, but we all know you don’t have to be a genius to run for president. Borrowing from former presidential hopeful, Ross Perot, PC has a real niche for spreadsheets and graphs.

According to their ads, PC also does a great job telling time and adding thanks to his “clock” and “calculator” applications. Here we have a candidate who possesses the equivalent to a third grade education; at least we’re moving forward.

Vice presidential candidate, Mac, is very “hip” to our generation. His style, ability to network and trendsetting is just what the Democrats need to secure the 18-24 vote. John Kerry on a snowboard didn’t work in 2004, but Mac’s modesty and charisma is just what we need in office. After all, the Democrats need an icon the youth of the country can actually look up to.

We need a candidate who is young, willing to shake things up, and ready to take control of this wounded country. I feel that Barack Obama would be great for this position, but until the day America is finally ready to have a black president, I put all of my chips in front of PC and Mac.

This is our turn to make history. Think about that. We actually have the ability to shape our country’s future. Our generation grew up with the notion that every person in the country is created equal. We were also told that every vote can make a difference, and we have proven that to be true. Voters between the ages of 18 and 24 came out in record numbers for this past mid-term election and look at what we accomplished.

Democrat or Republican, the election lies in our hands. Ms. Schmidt was right in her call to action; this is our time. Our country needs a president with integrity, someone who will shake things up; we need a Gerald Ford in response to this Richard Nixon. Black, white, male or female, our country is ready for something radical.

Mike Pearson is a student at UW-River Falls.