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Francis Johnson affected his community one story at a time

March 7, 2018

Francis Johnson died on Feb. 27 shortly after collapsing while riding his bike. It was early in the morning, and he was riding on Second Street near Locust Street. He was 70 years old. A memorial service was held on March 3, and ever since his death there has been an outpouring of sympathy from across the community. He was extraordinarily good at making connections, and many people have a story to tell about him.

Bowls for Hope raises money for Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley

March 7, 2018

Before the doors opened, caterers and event coordinators were busily providing finishing touches to their contributions. As people crowded into the University Center’s ballroom, the sound of lively conversation filled the area. Unlike most university-hosted events, this one consisted of more than just college students and faculty. Members from the River Falls community gathered for the ninth annual Bowls for Hope event this past Tuesday.

Once a cesspool and now a premier trout steam, Kinni Corridor set to become free-flowing

March 7, 2018

In the 1970s, the Kinnickinnic Corridor was a cesspool that people dumped raw sewage and oil into, according to lifelong city resident Alison Page. Today, however, it is a premier fishing destination that is classified as a Class 1 trout stream by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Residents take sides on City Council’s latest ‘dam’ decision

March 7, 2018

Neal Gilbertson, 74, has been a resident of River Falls his entire life. Like many residents of River Falls, he has a bright blue sign on his lawn notifying his neighbors about his opinion about the dams in the Kinni River.

Professional Sales Club gives students opportunities to learn networking skills

First time assistant director explores new space with ‘Silent Sky’ production

‘Silent Sky’ uses small cast to highlight astronomer Henrietta Leavitt

UWRF has mixed reactions to the UW System policy on free speech

Falls Theater will add second screen, look to boost local economy


Softball begins season with strong showing in dome games

March 7, 2018

The Falcons softball team graduated only one senior last season, returning five seniors with multiple years of experience and three all-conference players on the team. Their leadership was on display this weekend in Rochester, Minn., with the Falcons going 3-1 and outscoring their opponents 43-15 in their four games in the Rochester Dome.

Athlete of the week: Colton Sorensen

March 7, 2018

Colton Sorensen, a senior pole vaulter from Balsam Lake, Wis., qualified for the DIII National Indoor meet in Birmingham, Ala., this past weekend at the Last Chance Meet at UW-Stevens Point. His vault of 4.91 meters moved him up to 10th in the country and qualified him for the national meet.

Women’s hockey advances to fifth straight O’Brien Cup final

February 28, 2018

The Falcons advanced to their fifth straight O’Brien Cup final with wins over UW-Stevens Point 9-0 and 6-1 in the WIAC semifinals series.

UWRF athlete of the week: distance runner Katelyn Moore

Men’s hockey finishes tough regular season with signs of improvement

Athlete of the week: Alex Herink


‘I Give it a Year’: more like, I give it a three

March 7, 2018

It’s so easy to cut off people who hurt you, but sometimes it’s more beneficial to ask why something happened and how you can fix it. Part of being a mature and healthy adult is facing conflict rationally and treating other people with respect regardless of your own opinions (not talking dirt, insulting them, screaming at them in hallways).These people are not mature and healthy adults.

What’s your favorite breakfast? ‘One Small Hitch’ is a little weird but a little good

February 28, 2018

This week our movie caused me to reflect on many aspects of my life, such as my choice of favorite breakfast and my hair color. “One Small Hitch” is a romantic comedy recommended to me by a very cool lady who works at the Involvement Center and may or may not be one of the best people I’ve met.


Small changes can have a big effect on campus life

March 8, 2018

In just about any given environment, the people living or working within it will notice things that they want to fix. A university is no exception; thousands of people walk the halls of the buildings and sit in the classrooms every day, and many of these people have one or two things they think can improve.

Horoscopes by Beth: Spring breakdown

March 7, 2018

Spring break is here, and even if you’re going somewhere, you’d much rather be home. Sure, home has your bed and all your amenities and a few dozen toaster strudels, but you’re going to get a bad idea the minute you arrive anywhere remotely homey.

Best picture nominees display contrary image of cigarettes

March 7, 2018

For anyone who has spent any time with me since Christmas, the subject of how excited I am for the Oscars has definitely come up in conversation at least once. Award season, in my opinion, is the best season – and I am taking a firm, ‘sorry, not sorry’ stance on that.

Kinni dam removal has finally moved forward, but not fast enough

RiseUp, Western Wisconsin! motivates people to take action against injustice

Letters to the editor

Tax reform bill comes at the expense of most Americans

December 13, 2017

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the GOP tax “reform” bill in its House and Senate versions is basically a massive give-away to the richest Americans at the expense of everyone else.

Revised air quality regulations at risk of harming public

November 29, 2017

As if the Trump administration’s attacks on public health and the environment weren’t enough, Wisconsin Public Radio reported on November 21 that the Wisconsin State Assembly is considering a bill to eliminate all of our state’s air quality regulations by the end of next year.