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Collegiate Farm Bureau educates, advocates for agriculture

January 31, 2018

Every spring on the UW-River Falls campus, also known as “Moo U,” tractors and animals take over the middle lawn of the University Center. The display offers a real-life look into the agricultural industry.

Fire in Kleinpell Fine Arts building causes minimal damage

February 14, 2018

A small fire started in the north stairwell of the Kleinpell Fine Arts building on Tuesday according to a press release from University Communications.

Student Juried Art Show highlights student’s dedication and work

February 14, 2018

If you have walked through the lobby of the Kleinpell Fine Arts Center in the last two weeks, you might have noticed the latest art exhibition taking place. There is glasswork, photography, oil paintings, a graphic novel and many other different forms of visual art. The annual Student Juried Art Show has filled the walls with exceptional student work. 

Advice from program alumni on studying abroad is simple: just do it

February 14, 2018

As the sun rises through the tall panes of glass in the castle walls, students begin to stir. As students rise, they peer into the Scottish mountainside. They observe the lush greenery as they prepare to undertake another day of field trips across Europe.

Proper planning is key to a positive study abroad experience

Research spotlight: how evolving studies can lead down unexpected paths

UWRF students face challenge of relying too heavily on technology in the classroom

Chartwells improves dining options after student feedback

Studying strategies adapt over time, even for 4.0 students


Men’s hockey finishes tough regular season with signs of improvement

February 14, 2018

After a deflating 5-0 home loss to UW-Superior a few weeks ago, the Falcons knew they had to respond differently on the road in Superior, according to Eddie Matsushima, a junior captain for the UWRF men’s hockey team.

Athlete of the week: Alex Herink

February 14, 2018

Alex Herink, a senior basketball player from Hudson, averaged 20 points and 5 rebounds per game last week as the Falcons knocked off WIAC foe UW-Whitewater on Saturday night. The reigning WIAC player of the year is averaging 16 points per game on 48 percent shooting to help lead the team to a 15-7 record so far this year.

The Student Voice sat down with Herink to discuss the team’s setbacks in WIAC play and their potential for a NCAA tournament run.

Professional advice: behind the scenes at Super Bowl LII

February 7, 2018

Media members from across the country flocked to the Twin Cities area for the week of Super Bowl LII. I spoke with multiple members of the media and asked them all the same question: what advice can you give a college student looking to break through into sports media?

Athlete of the week: Brynn Liljander

Falcons fall to UW-Oshkosh in rematch of WIAC title game

Athlete of the week: Haley Nielsen


Portugal. The Man rocks the Palace Theatre

February 14, 2018

Before they took to the stage last Friday, Portugal. The Man set the expectations for the rest of the night. A message appeared on the screen behind the stage reading, “We are not very good at stage banter, so tonight’s performance will feature some slogans written by our management. Thank you for your continued understanding.” It wasn’t the last cynical message to appear, but it was an accurate forecast. They didn’t spend much time talking to the crowd, allowing them to move seamlessly through their spectacular set list.

“Mascots” is the movie to watch this Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2018

“Mascots”: more like mass consumer entertainment.

Fun, not interesting or cool fact for my five readers: columns are not actually written on the day that a paper comes out if you’re a weekly paper. That is, they aren’t written that way most of the time.


Alternative strategies needed to prevent further accidents on Cascade

October 11, 2017

A pedestrian was hit by a car on campus last Friday crossing at the corner of 4th and Cascade Ave. The female student was on a bike, and was hit by a passing vehicle while riding through the crosswalk.

Alarms need more communication, respect in order to be effective

February 15, 2018

A fire started in the Kleinpell Fine Arts building on Tuesday, which ultimately prompted an evacuation. Students, annoyed at what they thought was a drill, reluctantly filed out into the snow, many of them without jackets because they thought they would be let back in the building after five minutes. Even after it became clear that the alarm wasn’t a drill, students didn’t take the danger seriously and were occasionally darting back into the building to grab items.

Olympics help restore personal pride in America

February 14, 2018

I have always been an enthusiastic and very dedicated Olympic fan, avidly watching anything from curling in the winter to badminton during the summer Olympics. The pure athletic excellence that is on prominent display every four years makes me feel equal parts wholly inadequate and incredibly inspired. This year, the Olympic games mean something even more to me than they have in the past.

Horoscopes by Beth: be prepared for the unpredictable

Student organizations should be about quality, not quantity

Letters to the editor

Letter to the Editor: tax reform bill comes at the expense of most Americans

December 13, 2017

Dear Editor,

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the GOP tax “reform”
bill in its House and Senate versions is basically a massive give-away to
the richest Americans at the expense of everyone else.

Letter to the editor: revised air quality regulations at risk of harming public

November 29, 2017

As if the Trump administration’s attacks on public health and the environment weren’t enough, Wisconsin Public Radio reported on November 21 that the Wisconsin State Assembly is considering a bill to eliminate all of our state’s air quality regulations by the end of next year.