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UWRF students eat lunch in the University Center on Wednesday, Feb. 3. Chartwells is the new food vendor on campus this year and students’ feelings about the food it provides have been mixed.

New food service vendor brings changes to campus, with mixed results

February 4, 2016

UW-River Falls is now in the second semester of food services on campus being provided by a new vendor, and reactions to the change are mixed.

Controversial university conceal-carry bill not likely to pass this session

February 4, 2016

A controversial bill that would allow concealed weapons to be carried in university buildings most likely will not pass this legislative session, says the Republican representative who proposed it. But first-term State Rep. Jesse Kremer (R-Kewaskum) said that if he is re-elected in November, he will re-introduce the legislation. Kremer introduced Assembly Bill 480 in November.

So far, Safe Ride Home program is successful, says UWRF Student Senate

February 4, 2016

With the Safe Ride Home Program starting back up again after J-term, Student Senate leaders at UW-River Falls see the first month of use as a success.

UWRF launches new major in neuroscience to address growing interest

February 4, 2016

The program will start accepting students a year earlier than originally anticipated. Travis Tubré, chair of the psychology department, said that this is possible because the program will add just one new course, utilizing already existing classes from a variety of departments.

UWRF cancels afternoon classes due to weather conditions

Newest Windows and Mac OS coming to UWRF computers next year

Student’s documentary explores debate over two dams in River Falls

Students take to the air to create three-dimensional map of River Falls park

Opportunity Fair aims to help UW-River Falls students make connections


UWRF women’s hockey falls to UW-Superior 3-1

February 4, 2016

The Falcons fell in a disappointing game Saturday afternoon, dropping a WIAC matchup to the UW-Superior Yellowjackets 3-1 at Hunt Arena.

UW-River Falls ranks low in attendance at athletic events

February 4, 2016

Last place does not usually bring positive connotation when it comes to some sports, and at UW-River Falls, attendance at athletic events has been abysmal this year.

For cross-country star and team members, focus now turns to track

December 9, 2015

After the UW-River Falls cross-country team had its first-ever qualifier for the national tournament, Julian Manley, all eyes now move to the track and field team to see if he can pull it off again.

UWRF men’s basketball continues streak with fourth win against Hamline

UWRF men’s hockey ties with Hamline in overtime

UWRF women’s hockey sweeps UW-Eau Claire Blugolds


The Feasibility of Spontaneously Morphing into an Octopus

February 5, 2016

This argument has been deemed quite controversial: is it possible for one to simply become an octopus without outside forces acting upon them?

Loss of a friend can be a life changing experience

February 4, 2016

She was funny in the most outrageous way, more deeply empathetic than I’ve thought possible, tasteful always in her music choices, curious in ways I’ve never imagined, and ever-whimsical in the way she saw the world.


Politics can be discussed respectfully, don’t need to be controversial

February 4, 2016

For about a year now presidential candidates have been fighting for our attention and our future votes, and this has led to everything we see, hear and talk about being tied in with politics in some way. And with the Iowa caucus occurring earlier this week, this has never been more true.

Response to column: ‘I am a straight white male’

December 16, 2015

Any single person can feel marginalized in this world regardless of their gender and skin color. It doesn’t matter what demographic you come from. Context matters. Women can have it hard, LGBT communities have it hard, Muslims have it hard, any race other than white have it hard in this country, but just because I am a straight white male does not mean that I had a free pass.

Some white men may lack perspective on issues of inequality

December 16, 2015

In general, white men have little to no problem having their voices heard on our campus and in society more generally. Throughout all of modern history, white men have been the powers-that-be. A white man may have less insight on what the experience of the less privileged have, and why they might feel insecure talking to administration about their problems.

Professor surveys still important despite changed method of access

Societal pressures in appearance weigh heavily in the Kardashian era

Letters to the editor

River Falls Pregnancy Helpline offers care for unplanned pregnancies

April 29, 2015

The River Falls Pregnancy Helpline is conveniently located right across from Family Fresh market. The center offers counseling and emotional support for women, men and families who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

Student Senate lacks appropriate governmental documentation

April 22, 2015

I have been attempting to follow the actions of the UW-River Falls Student Senate through their records. Senate’s records as posted online aren’t complete and show alteration. For example, all of the agendas posted by Senate in 2014-2015 show as being posted at 9:02 a.m. on April 21. This makes it impossible for a citizen to ascertain if the agendas were posted late, changed after the fact or altered in some way. What should be an official government document now has no validity and is impossible to verify.


River Falls Update

December 4, 2015

Watch the Dec. 4, 2015, edition of “River Falls Update,” a Web-based news show created by UW-River Falls journalism students. Featured are stories about the recent open house in the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science and about the astronomy talks led by physics Professor Eileen Korenic.


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