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Puppy petting zoo aims to relieve finals week stress at UWRF

May 2, 2018

The event ran from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, the first of day of three. For the entire three hours, students were steadily filtering in and out of the petting zoo or gathering around the sides to find the best angle for their pictures. The fraternity even created a Snapchat filter to plan for the occasion.

Who’s who in the midterm elections for Pierce County

October 10, 2018

Pierce County elections are coming up this November. There are many positions being voted on including Sheriff, Clerk of Circuit Court, Congressional District 3 and Representative Assembly District 30. The Democratic nominee for local representative is Barry Hammerback. According to the President of the University of Wisconsin River Falls Democrats Jordan Brundidge, Hammerback is a well-known attorney, and has been representing farmers for 40 years. Hammerback lives in River Falls and wants to make changes in the community to make healthcare more affordable. He also wants to put money into the UW system. Professor of Political Science Neil Kraus mentions that “Hammerback has good name recognition.” Since he has been an attorney for four decades. The Republican nominee is Shannon Zimmerman. According to the Chairman of UWRF college Republicans Josh Hanson, Zimmerman, the current representative of Assembly district 30, is running for re-election. Zimmerman is a local businessman who lives in River Falls. Hanson comments that Zimmerman is heavily involved in the university and is on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee and the Foundation Board. Hanson says “He takes student issues very seriously.” Zimmerman is very responsive to students, he has visited campus three times already, and his office has helped […]

UW-River Falls prepares for Higher Learning Commission visit

October 10, 2018

This October, the University of Wisconsin River Falls will be visited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to determine if the university will be reaccredited. In order to check on all schools receiving accreditation, which is money from the government, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) selects regional and national accrediting agencies to ensure schools are using this money to provide quality education for students. The HLC is based in Chicago, IL, and is the north-central corporation in charge of reviewing degree granting, post-secondary schools. The HLC conducts onsite visits to UW- River Falls every decade to examine and assess whether or not the university meets criteria. Some of the things HLC will be looking at are if the university has a clear mission, operates with ethics and integrity, offers high quality teaching, and works to improve and evaluate teaching strategies. The university should also be helping direct students to the right resources. According to their website, HLC’s focus is on “Serving the common good by assuring and advancing the quality of higher learning.” Universities are expected to continuously improve and update their policies, processes and procedures in order to align with the HLC and DOE guidelines. The visit will […]

The freshmen experience at UW-River Falls

October 9, 2018

The college experience differs significantly from person to person. Out of several interviews conducted by Student Voice staff, it was discovered that homesickness is one of the leading causes of stress among freshmen students. Students are accepted at UWRF from across the state, the country, and even internationally; for some, the campus is in their backyard. For others, what they call ‘home’ might be hundreds of miles away. “Some things have been difficult, like being away from home so long is weird. Being away from my family.” Freshman student, Abby Palkowski says. Other causes of stress include money problems, procrastination, or teaching techniques.“I guess finding out how each instructor teaches differently is a little different,” Palkowski continued. “Some teachers give out study guides for tests and others don’t, so that’s kind of stressful. But all the teachers are very open and if you need any help, they give office hours. Otherwise, they really try to make time for you if you need it.” An anonymous freshman student disagrees. They believe that professors need different techniques. “I’m falling apart,” they confided. “I’m going through a break-up and in class, I always sit right next to the professor, but he always ignores […]

SGA Update 10/03/18

Grad school week encourages students to continue their education

New UW-River Falls Communications and Marketing Director brings new perspectives

SALSA hosts local hemp farmers for presentation

Canadian photo lecture at University of Wisconsin-River Falls


Falcons triumph over Blue Devils in homecoming thriller

October 14, 2018

UW-River Falls football snapped a four-game losing streak on Saturday as they defeated the UW-Stout Blue Devils 21-19 during the school’s homecoming game on Ramer Field at Smith Stadium. After losing 27-52 last week on the road to UW-Platteville, Falcon’s Head Coach Matt Walker spent all week preparing his team for this highly-anticipated homecoming matchup. “We talk with our guys about using the energy the right way to make us more focused,” Walker said. “We are trying to turn this thing around.” Despite being a chilly, windy October day, the game had a huge crowd with more than 3,200 people in attendance. The first quarter would start off slow before Stout’s senior kicker Drew Pearson would boot in a 51-yard field goal to give the Blue Devil’s a 3-0 lead at 6:49. Four minutes later the Falcons would score a 63-yard touchdown as junior quarterback Ben Beckman scrambled out to the right under pressure and found senior wide receiver Trenton Monson for the score. Coach Walker spoke glowingly of the Big Lake, Minnesota-native, calling him “as good of a receiver as there is in this league from a skill standpoint”. The Blue Devils would regain the lead at 11:10 in […]

Falcons football loses to UW-Platteville

October 7, 2018

UW-River Falls football lost their fourth game in a row this past weekend as they were defeated by UW-Platteville 27-52 during the Pioneer’s homecoming game on Saturday

Now is the best time in history to be a Milwaukee Brewers fan

October 4, 2018

Today marks the start of the Milwaukee Brewers postseason hunt for the World Series title. Theo Tollefson provides insight on why this is the best time to be a fan of the Brewers.

Falcons softball splits weekend series against Whitewater and Platteville

Texas fistfight brings Canadian athlete to UWRF in time for Year of Canada

Diversity efforts in Athletics Department go beyond ethnicity


The Student Voice reviews “Spotlight”

October 3, 2018

Bennett Ryynanen writes a review on the 2015 Academy Award Winning Motion Picture for Best Picture; Spotlight

‘In-Lawfully Yours’: Don’t sleep in a dead wife’s bed

May 2, 2018

This movie was suggested to me by my grandma and I hope that my grandmother thinks about what she has done, because this is not the best movie in the world. This is painful and awkward and horrible, and why do these people have such weird relationships?


Student Voice seeks involvement, support in transition to online format

April 26, 2018

The majority of our staff will be leaving next year, including the editor and assistant editor. This has led us to the decision to move to an online format in the hopes that going digital-only will encourage better reporting and increased readership. Most audiences have transitioned to reading their news online, and the Student Voice already has an established webpage at that can be updated to meet the needs of readers.

Editor’s Note on State of Student Voice

October 10, 2018

For those who are unaware, my name is Theodore Tollefson and I am the new editor-in-chief of the Student Voice. I am a sophomore at UW-River Falls, transferring in from UW-Superior where I spent the previous spring semester as the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, the Promethean. Towards the end of last semester, the Student Voice published an editorial on the future of what the Student Voice would look like moving forward into this current fall semester. I’d like to personally address the changes that have occurred and what the Voice will be looking like for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. In the editorial published last spring, the Voice announced that we would become a digital-only newspaper, releasing all content online. I’m glad to announce to everyone that this is no longer true with the publication of our first monthly tabloid coming out on Friday, October 12th. The transition from a weekly to monthly publication has been a bit of a challenge, as many of the people on staff with the Voice this year are new to the paper. So far, we have been able to come together strongly and commit our free time into this paper and keep the print […]

Horoscopes by Beth: Finally over

May 2, 2018


You’re going to pass your finals by the seat of your pants and quite frankly I am amazed. I always knew you were smart, Aries, but when you spent all last week watching the movie “Labyrinth,” I admit some doubt was sowed.

DECA trip gives valuable experience for future career

Journalism degree can be useful in many areas of life

Letters to the editor

The future is uncertain, but there are ways to take control

May 3, 2018

Graduation, for many people, is right around the corner. This moment is the one you have been waiting for these 4 + years of college, but now that it is here, you might not know exactly what to do. There probably isn’t anyone who is fully qualified to give advice on what to do next, but we at the Student Voice have decided to take a shot at it.

Referendum on office of State Treasurer is approaching

March 21, 2018

I’m writing to alert readers to a state-wide referendum item on the ballot when we go to the polls on April 3. This referendum has gotten too little coverage in state media. It’s urgent that voters understand what’s at stake.