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April 25, 2024




Student advocates for studying abroad

April 22, 2024

Before starting college one of my goals was to travel abroad for any length of time. I didn’t really care where I went, just that I wanted to do it. It seemed incredibly unrealistic and farfetched since at the time […]

Editorial: Women’s sports on the rise both locally and nationally

April 22, 2024

  It’s no secret that women’s sports have been receiving a lot of national attention recently. In the wake of the NCAAW college basketball tournament, names such as Caitlin Clark and Paige Bueckers are rife in American media and can […]

Students take notice of improvements at UWRF Dining

April 4, 2024

For thousands of UW-River Falls students, just as a visit to Chalmer Davee Library, the University Center, or any of the UWRF’s other academic buildings, is a part of their daily routine, so too is a visit to Riverside Commons. […]

UWRF admin wants graduates to leave Grandma at home

February 20, 2024

After navigating a tumultuous fall semester and promises made by administrators to listen to the students on issues surrounding the campus, admin fails to keep those promises less than a week into this new semester. In an email obtained by the Student Voice, Mesa Carlsen the University Event Coordinator explained the new rules and set up around Spring Commencement.

Low-income students deserve the arts and humanities

February 20, 2024

The Student Voice advises the state of Wisconsin to keep its politics out of UW students’ education. Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is withholding $32 million from the UW System because he doesn’t like diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, efforts. The state of Wisconsin has a surplus of around $7 billion; $32 million is less than half a percent of this, and, as such, has a small impact on the surplus. In fact, many of the issues that the UW System is facing could be addressed if Wisconsin decided to invest more in higher education.

UWRF unites to mourn the loss of three students

November 12, 2023

Isabella Chavira. Sabrina Hagstrom. Jasmine Petersen. These are the names of three University of Wisconsin-River Falls students who passed away between Oct. 3 and Nov. 3, 2023. All three students passed away as a result of their depression, Chavira on Oct. 3, Hagstrom on Oct. 31, and Petersen on Nov. 3. The deaths were met with a range of emotions, from grief to anger, and a range of responses as well, both from UW-River Falls and the students themselves.

Does the UW System know what they are doing?

November 1, 2023

 In the wake of a UW-River Falls annual tuition increase and the arrival of Deloitte, a private audit services company, at UWRF, financial concerns are rampant.

Letter to the Editor

November 1, 2023

After enrolling for a non-UWRF study abroad program, I was surprised to see 500 dollars charged to my account for a “study abroad” fee. The Office of International Education claims that it is an administrative fee to cover services that they provide to students such as meeting with them and ensuring that credits transfer back to the university. On the study abroad website, there is no mention that a payment is needed to receive services from them. When inquiring why I had to pay this fee although I was going on a program through a different university, they responded that I signed a legally binding document that requires me to pay.

Conservative student orgs spark controversy

April 21, 2023

The student organizations Turning Point USA (TPUSA) and Students for Life have become controversial topics of conversation among students and faculty of the UW-River Falls campus. The arrival of these organizations on campus has sparked a range of reactions, from enthusiasm and support to skepticism and concern.

UWRF staffing issues: A campus or national issue?

April 21, 2023

UWRF is currently hiring for many positions after a wave of faculty and staff have either quit or retired. Why is UWRF experiencing a mass exodus of employees? 

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