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August 10, 2022


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Lexi Janzer

22 Apr 2022

Students happy with Board of Regents mental health discussion

Board of Regents members visited UWRF on March 25 to talk to student representatives about issues the campus is facing.

22 Apr 2022

UWRF hosts 57 different schools for annual agriculture competition day

Over 700 middle and high school students attended UWRF’s annual Agricultural Technology Contest (Ag Tech Day) on April 2.

25 Mar 2022

Student input needed for violence prevention on campus

Jennifer Larimore, the Title IX coordinator, and Ann Lawton, the Violence Prevention coordinator, are hoping to get more student input for the upcoming year to make sure that all students know the resources their offices provide.  

24 Mar 2022

Matrix advising strategy tested out on computer science students

UWRF is testing out a new matrix advising strategy for computer science students. This new matrix advising strategy will possibly be used for all other majors as well in the upcoming years.  

14 Feb 2022

Annual dance theater performance brings back alumni

UWRF Dance Theatre will show its 40th Annual Spring Concert this year. The concert is a family reunion of sorts.

03 Dec 2021

Program to train service dogs offered at UWRF

The Assistance Dog Education Program and Training (ADEPT) allows student interns to train and work with service dogs and make connections within the organization.

13 Nov 2021

Native American Heritage month shines light on awareness obstacles

UW-River Falls is using Native American Heritage month to bring awareness to students about issues related to the Indigenous community.  Celebratory months are an opportunity to highlight marginalized populations but also a chance to incorporate practices throughout the year and […]

14 Oct 2021

Campus makes space for new science and technology building

In the past, students have walked in and out of the bustling Hagestad Hall, home to an assortment of programs. Last year, Hagestad Hall was busier than ever as it housed the COVID-19 testing site as well as many makeshift classrooms that allowed for social distancing. That is all going to change in the summer of 2023 when all of the programs get moved and a new construction site is started.   

Lexi Janzer

Lexi Janzer is a student at UW-River Falls.