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September 25, 2022




UWRF men's baseball works to become official team

March 11, 2020

The men’s club baseball team at UW-River Falls is working toward regaining its status as an official competitive school sport for the first time since it was suspended nearly two decades ago.

Cleveland's strange offseason sign for Twins to spend big

December 17, 2018

With Joe Mauer's massive contract of their hands, the Minnesota Twins have vital options to out spend their divisional opponents, the Cleveland Indians, in the remaining two months of the 2018-19 offseason.

Mauer's retirement marks the end of an era for Minnesota Twins baseball

November 12, 2018

Editor Theodore Tollefson reminisces on the career of Minnesota Twins legend Joe Mauer and the impact Mauer had on his childhood fandom of Major League Baseball.

Now is the best time in history to be a Milwaukee Brewers fan

October 4, 2018

The thrilling shout from Bob Uecker echoed all throughout Chicago, and into the northern parts of Wisconsin. “Everybody on their feet. Hader ready again, here it is! Swinging, fly ball, into right center. Broxton is there! And they’re the champions! They have done it!”

Joe Mauer: How to feel about the Minnesota native

April 18, 2018

With the modern Twins, I think about Joe Mauer. With Joe Mauer, grabbing his 2,000 hit last Thursday, it really makes you think about the career that he has had. As I watched the Minnesota native tip his helmet to the fans, I began to wonder how to remember or feel about his career. How do you feel about a guy who ultimately peaked before signing his big contract? Does he belong among the greats I mentioned?

St. Paul Saints plan exhibition game in River Falls against local all-stars

April 11, 2017

First National Bank of River Falls Field will host its first taste of professional baseball when the St. Paul Saints come to town on May 13.

Maybe, this time, club baseball could return to UW-River Falls

February 24, 2016

For the past 14 years, not a single game of baseball has been played at a competitive level by the UW-River Falls Falcons. One student has set out to change that.

Donations make First National Bank of River Falls Field reality

April 18, 2014

What started as a dream was made possible thanks to support from at least 82 local businesses, countless hours of volunteer labor and the love of baseball. That dream is the First National Bank of River Falls Field, a million-dollar lighted city stadium-style ballpark located at Hoffman Park East.

Coach King moves up to big leagues

February 21, 2014

The Assistant Athletic Performance Coach at UW-River Falls has recently left and is moving up to the big leagues to take his dream job coaching in major league baseball. That coach is Andy King who was in his second year in the Falcon athletic performance department.

Milwaukee Brewersʼ Ryan Braun defeats drug allegation

March 2, 2012

Milwaukee Brewers fans everywhere heard the great news that Ryan Braun would be available to play the first 50 games of the season.

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