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February 5, 2023



Zackary Anderson

18 Apr 2018

Joe Mauer: How to feel about the Minnesota native

With the modern Twins, I think about Joe Mauer. With Joe Mauer, grabbing his 2,000 hit last Thursday, it really makes you think about the career that he has had. As I watched the Minnesota native tip his helmet to the fans, I began to wonder how to remember or feel about his career. How do you feel about a guy who ultimately peaked before signing his big contract? Does he belong among the greats I mentioned?

11 Apr 2018

The worst five-year run in sports

Over the last twenty years, we have witnessed a trend in sports. The trend shows that winning is contagious. During this time period, we have seen cities—with more than one professional team—ride the momentum of other teams located within the same area.

Zackary Anderson