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Sara Pitcher

Sara Pitcher is a student at UW-River Falls.

October 23, 2008

UWRF and FVTC move towards joint BA program

UW-River Falls and Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) are working on a 2+2 Agriculture and Transfer Agreement Program which would entail students spending two years at each school to complete a baccalaureate degree. “What we’re attempting to do is develop a program which would allow them to receive two years of credit for their work […]

October 9, 2008

Universal chemical hygiene guidelines to protect UWRF laboratory students

A one-time only Faculty Senate Committee has formed to make a chemical hygiene plan that will establish a universal standard across campus to provide safety guidelines for individuals working in campus laboratories that will require the approval of the Faculty Senate. The motion to create an “ad hoc” Faculty Senate Committee was requested by Connie […]

September 25, 2008

New aspects of the Multicultural Student Services increase program advantages

The administrative structure of Multicultural Student Services is undergoing changes that will include dividing the administrative structure, hiring of new staff and creating new programs that will increase the ability to serve individual students’ needs. “The emphasis at the University is how we can concentrate people separately so that students get exactly what they need,” […]