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August 10, 2022


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Matthew Clark

14 Dec 2016

UWRF’s largest college looks to the future with recovery from budget cut

After being forced to cut $1.5 million from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) budget, officials with the UW-River Falls say they are prepared for the future.

07 Dec 2016

UW-River Falls art students raise funds with annual scholarship sale

For over 20 years, the Annual Art Scholarship Sale has provided UW-River Falls art students a chance to show off their work while raising money to benefit themselves and others.

30 Nov 2016

As commencement draws closer, questions raised about future happiness

Is life better after college graduation? It’s a question that has been kicking around in my head lately, and I feel the need to discuss it with myself through the medium of a college newspaper column.

16 Nov 2016

Awards for top alumni part of outreach to UW-River Falls graduates

UW-River Falls is accepting nominations for awards given to alumni during the spring, including one for relatively recent graduates.

09 Nov 2016

Record high school graduation rates don’t necessarily mean more college students

Record high school graduation rates across the U.S. don’t necessarily mean higher university enrollment, according to officials at UW-River Falls.

26 Oct 2016

UW-River Falls narrows search for next chief information officer

Officials at UW-River Falls are moving closer to filling the top technology management position.

19 Oct 2016

Nontraditional students increase across college campuses, education officials say

More nontraditional students are flocking to college campuses, including UW-River Falls, according to education officials.

12 Oct 2016

As semester wears on, UWRF health officials advise students to take care

Due to increasing stress levels, UW-River Falls health officials urge students to utilize campus resources.

28 Sep 2016

News diet, election to blame for Americans’ media distrust, UWRF experts say

For the third year in a row, Americans’ trust in the mass media is at historically low levels, but two experts at UW-River Falls say it reflects a shift in the way the news is consumed.

21 Sep 2016

UWRF Student Senate to focus this year on student safety, inclusivity

With the new school year, the UW-River Falls Student Senate is ready to pick up where it left off last spring.

Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark is a junior journalism student. Besides being the music director at WRFW and the circulation manager at the Student Voice, Clark has become an accomplished musician, performing with the likes of Chicago and Daughtry. He has also contributed to a few movie soundtracks.