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November 29, 2023




Moonshiner's and After Dark offers an entertaining night with clean facilities

March 10, 2016

For those of you following this new column, I reviewed Broz two weeks ago. I checked out Broz on a Thursday, but I’m not going to review the same bar twice in a row. After spending most of my night at Broz, I went over to Moonshiner's around 1:00 a.m., which I’ve heard is the time to go there. Apparently, Moonshiner's is the type of bar that you only go to late. If you go there early, no one will be there.

It was packed! There were people everywhere. Moonshiner’s is a weird set-up, because you can enter if you are under 21. So if you are 18-plus you are allowed to go in the back and dance, and no alcohol is served back there. The no alcohol being served at the back bar was a surprise and disappointment, but I guess the front bar isn’t too far away, and you can still bring alcohol in the back so that’s okay.

This might be too much information for readers, but I have a small bladder. So bathrooms are important. I’m not a fan of the bathrooms at Broz and Emma’s which only have two stalls in their bathrooms and that is a serious struggle. Moonshiner’s however, has a beautifully large bathroom with plenty of stalls and that made me very happy.

One of the things about Moonshiner’s that makes it so popular is that it has a dance floor. There’s also an area where if you are 21, you can go up on a little platform and dance on a higher level than everyone else. My friend and I did that and it was fun. But I learned after, that the platform is called “The Slut Box,” so that is disappointing.

Despite the crowds, I didn’t have to wait too long to order a drink at the bar, so the bartenders seem to be pretty good. I can’t say I can rate their quality of drinks because I basically only bought cherry bombs, but I remember not having to wait very long for those even though I was in the second row of people.

I give Moonshiner’s a three out of four. Tune in in two weeks to see what I think of Emma’s!