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November 28, 2022



Tori Schneider

13 Dec 2017

Finding her own way

Nayrus Ibrahim is the first woman in her family to move out of the house without getting married. Now she is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, studying marketing communications.

06 Dec 2017

Art for art's sake — and for students who get scholarships from its sale

29 Nov 2017

UWRF’s ‘Year of South Korea’ seeks to bridge cultures at home and abroad

Hyun Sung Jang is passionate about two things: teaching English and the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The TESOL major from South Korea dreams of one day becoming an English teacher to international students in an American public high school.

15 Nov 2017

Steps toward an inclusive campus include managing political bias

Last week, the UWRF administration released the results of the 2017 Campus Climate Survey Summary.

Three hundred seventy-eight students responded to the survey and of those, 125 said they experienced bias at UWRF.

01 Nov 2017

UW System's freedom of expression policy, new campus organization's activity spark controversy on campus

“I felt really nauseous.” That’s how Ardin Fischer described their feelings when reading comments written on a large piece of paper that students had written on, an activity facilitated by the Young Americans for Liberty in the University Center.

18 Oct 2017

Chancellor goes to the head of the class — to teach, not just oversee

If you have two identical steel buckets that you cannot open but you know one is full of pure water and one is full of pure neutrons, how do you know which bucket has which inside?

11 Oct 2017

Full-time hall directors hope to make residence life easier for students

Freshmen aren’t the only new residents in Crabtree Hall this fall. Liz Brunner, who is in her first year as one of the new full-time hall directors at UWRF, welcomed students to their new living quarters in September.

04 Oct 2017

Advisers from Chancellor's Cabinet hope to help students

Compared to other leadership bodies on campus, the chancellor’s Cabinet might be less known to students. After being cut in more than half by Chancellor Dean Van Galen, the cabinet again has grown in an effort to increase communication.

27 Sep 2017

Falcon Center offers fitness and rec opportunities for all, not just athletes

Nearly 2,600 graduate and undergraduate students have used the Falcon Center at least one time since Sept. 1.

20 Sep 2017

Big freshman class overflowing UWRF dorms, classrooms and cafeterias

The UWRF class of 2020 is the largest in eight years, with a preliminary count of 1,325 students, but about 100 of them are living in study lounges – and not by choice.

Tori Schneider

Tori Schneider is an alumna of UW-River Falls.