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November 30, 2022



Erik Wood

11 Dec 2008

Slipknot album satisfies heavy metal listeners

Slipknot, the psychosocial Iowan, mega maniacal, extreme metal band recently released their fifth studio album on Roadrunner Records. Classifying the band after they released “Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses” in 2004 has become quite the unique challenge. Their previous works […]

04 Dec 2008

Band supplies listeners with originality, locality

As the music industry plunges into digital consumerism and online piracy, it becomes more difficult each forthcoming week to review a new artist. Artists nowadays are so incredibly paranoid about their work being pirated that they have been known to […]

20 Nov 2008

Trivium revolutionizes metal genre with new album

Trivium, an American heavy metal quartet coming from Orlando, Florida continues there onslaught against the modern metal community with their latest studio release, “Shogun.” The album is unique in the fact that it combines elements of the fan favorite “Ascendancy,” […]

13 Nov 2008

‘Call of Duty: World at War’ neglects to provide game with new experience

Among the plethora of blockbuster video game releases in the last two months, for many gamers the question becomes, “which game is the best for my buck?” If you’re an owner of any of the next generation platforms (Wii, 360, […]

06 Nov 2008

M.I.A. falls short of expectations, despite 'big name'

I know there has been some criticism over my past couple reviews, mostly for the fact that a large percentage of readers have never heard of the artists I choose to review. In response to the criticism, I’ve decided to […]

30 Oct 2008

Hawthorne Heights experiments with new album ‘Fragile Future’

When Ohio quintet Hawthorne Heights suffered the loss of Casey Calvert in late 2007, the band had to overcome much more than the lost physical presence of a fifth member, but even more, the loss of a foundational friend. After […]

16 Oct 2008

Bo’s ‘N Mine features diverse menu, pleasant atmosphere

For all you dorm dwelling, meal plan, home cookers, this article is not for you, but for those of you who enjoy going out and doing it affordably, please, read on.

09 Oct 2008

Escape the Fate undergoes transitions, but still falls short

  Have you ever had a band or favorite group that either lost members or altogether decided to call it quits? In 9/10 cases, if the group replaces lost members, the band is never the same and will lose large […]

02 Oct 2008

Bayside album is a ‘breath of fresh air’

There is a unique sense that many bands possess, but for better or worse, many of those bands feel the need to add extra ingredients or change it up from album to album. This is not the case for the […]

25 Sep 2008

'Underoath' thrives with sixth album despite rumors, personal conflicts

On Sept. 2, 2008, the Tampa   tet, Underoath released their sixth studio album entitled “Lost in the Sound of Separation.” Two years after Underoath released their heaviest album to date, “Define the Great Line,” which was certified gold and […]

Erik Wood

Erik Wood is a student at UW-River Falls.