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Bo’s ‘N Mine features diverse menu, pleasant atmosphere

October 16, 2008

For all you dorm dwelling, meal plan, home cookers, this article is not for you, but for those of you who enjoy going out and doing it affordably, please, read on. Every week we have the consistent music and movie reviews and let’s be honest, they get old. So, to spice things up I will be doing one local restaurant review each month, and this week’s just so happens to be River Falls’ very own Bo’s ‘N Mine.  Each restaurant reviewed will be firmly graded on five separate categories, of which include presentation, quality of product, atmosphere and bang for your buck. I will break it down on a numerical scale for you by category at the end of the review.

Slightly over a year ago, new ownership took over this mid-town River Falls favorite and they revamped the entire place almost top to bottom. Cosmetic changes were not the only thing to be redone as new owners Cedric Ellingson and Don Fowell unveiled multiple different menu variations and different seasonal specials. As business slowly and steadily started multiplying, menu additions and subtractions were made as they rolled out new specials. Food is not the only thing to see a great deal of change. Bo’s has a large variety of spirits and beer to please nearly anyone and everyone. On one hand they offer a wide variety of appetizers that you may classify as bar food, but the menu encompasses much more than that. From pastas, burgers, sandwiches, to homemade soups and a full salad bar, the menu is sure to please even the pickiest eater.

Upon entering the establishment, it’s completely obvious you’re entering a traditional neighborhood bar and grill. The walls are plastered with liquor and spirits memorabilia along with the bit of local flare. You are pleasantly greeted by the cook himself as you enter. The kitchen is small and open; I personally like to be able to see my meal being prepared. The atmosphere is comfortable for your occasional bar-goer or even your Grandmother (that is as long as you mention the words “sports bar”).

Before I could open the menu, I was promptly greeted by the wait staff and offered a can’t-pass-up happy hour $1 16 ounce tap beer, both domestic and Leinenkugels. The menu, like I stated earlier, has a plethora of choices in the above-mentioned categories.

The item ordered was a Falcon shroom ‘n Swiss burger with a side of french fries for $6.99. Before you shit yourself to the near $7 price tag, keep in mind that one of Bo’s weekly specials on Mondays is burger night for a measly $2.99. Extra toppings such as cheese, sauteed onions/mushrooms, etc. are a whopping $0.50 extra. Wait time between ordering and receiving the meal was about 7-10 minutes, which is totally plausible. Presentation was rather basic as you get your burger and your fries in no special set-up, but who the hell cares, this isn’t gourmet dining. The beef was cooked exact to order (medium rare in this case) and was piping hot, which of course is always a good thing. I must say though, the meat could stand to be preseasoned with seasoning salt or a creative homemade grill seasoning. I am a fan of a whole-wheat bun or a traditional sesame bun, but like I said for the price tag, I don’t deserve to be picky. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and was quite full after doing so.

The grand total of my meal plus one tap Leinenkugels during happy hours was just under five bucks and, depending on your service and how you tip, easily under $10 total.

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Erik Wood is a student at UW-River Falls.