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September 26, 2022



Lindsey Rykal

19 Nov 2009

Faculty Senate referendum causes heated debate among faculty, staff

A referendum that redefines faculty status, making non-instructional academic staff ineligible to serve on faculty senate, has caused a divide between some faculty on campus.

13 Nov 2009

UWRF participates in global awareness week

UW-River Falls and other campuses across the nation will host International Education Week (IEW), Nov. 15-20, 2009 in efforts to promote global awareness.

29 Oct 2009

Vacancies in substance free dorms cause problems for Residence Life

UW-River Falls’ Residence Life is experiencing difficulties filling the substance free halls on campus, causing the department to rethink the program.

22 Oct 2009

UWRF police implement background check program

The UW-River Falls University Police and Parking will begin using the eTIME program which allows officers to run background checks to monitor parking tickets, driver’s authorization, and the ability to use state vehicles and get permits without having to go through Pierce County dispatch.

15 Oct 2009

UWRF participates in health survey to identify student needs

In an effort to better understand what factors have negative effects on students’ GPAs, the National College Health Survey was administered to 3,000 American students from across the United States.

01 Oct 2009

Health care raises concerns at UWRF

Health care reform has become a major issue on the top of Washington’s agenda lately, and as the debate rages on, college students are forced to look to the future.

25 Sep 2009

Annual contest creates conservation incentive

UW-River Falls residence halls will once again compete in an annual energy conservation contest in efforts to reduce consumption of electricity, water and steam in each hall.

17 Sep 2009

Area resident gives ‘historic’ gift to UWRF

A former newspaperman donated a large sum of money this August to be used to establish endowed scholarships for River Falls students, with preference given to students from Hudson and North Hudson.

11 Dec 2008

Surveyors prepare for Cascade Ave. reconstruction

The River Falls City Council approved $245,000 on Nov. 11, to prepare preliminary plans for upgrading Cascade Avenue. This takes the concept plans prepared last year and develops them in more detail.

13 Nov 2008

UW-River Falls offers new tutoring assistance opportunity

The UW-River Falls Academic Success Center began a new program, the Falcon Study Extravaganza, this semester where students can get tutoring assistance for any subject.

Lindsey Rykal

Lindsey Rykal is a graduate of UW-River Falls.