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AJ Oscarson

AJ Oscarson

03 Nov 2006

Political talkers classified

So now that the election is dreadfully near we have all run into at least one person on campus who has all the answers for all of our political woes. These people are probably morons. And as a favor, I will help you identify the basic people who will make their views and voices louder the closer we get to Nov. 7.

20 Oct 2006

New music lacks character, quality

I don't want to sound old or dated, but music these days is just awful. Laughable, even.

06 Apr 2006

Assistant essential to math dept.

Sherry Reis has been working in the UW-River Falls math department longer than most students have been alive. The grandmother of seven and horse driver of nine has been in the office for 27 years. She started here nearly three decades ago, and is now the go-to person in the math department. “Anything that an […]