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Gary Klaput

Gary Klaput

Gary Klaput is a student at UW-River Falls.

30 Apr 2009

Pirates don’t deserve equality

In the past two weeks pirates have dominated the maritime news; yes, pirates!  The Somali pirates have been causing havoc on the seas. They have hijacked several U.S. ships in the last few weeks. So what’s the real solution? Is it to invade, bomb, use diplomacy or send troops to the pirates land bases in […]

26 Mar 2009

NHL gets ready for playoff push

With the National Hockey League’s season drawing to an end with only 10 games remaining, the playoffs are in sight. This NHL season has proven to be another good one following a great season last year. The NHL has made the adjustments that were necessary to draw in more fans and make the games more […]

12 Mar 2009

Presidential life displayed by media

It’s been a while since the U.S. has had a president who has received as much star attention as Barack Obama. America has seen an abundance of media coverage of the Obama family as if they have become rock stars instead of the presidential family. We the people have failed to respond to what should […]

12 Feb 2009

Cheating with no punishment will destroy America’s pastime

This past week the sports world witnessed one of its greatest athletes fall from grace and into the ongoing saga of performance enhancing drugs. New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez admitted to using steroids during his career with the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez tested positive for steroids during a period when Major League Baseball’s drug […]

05 Feb 2009

Super Bowl ads a disappointment

The Super Bowl, the pinnacle of football every year, was this past weekend and as always, not only do we see the two best teams from each conference, we also see great advertisements from so many different companies.  Super Bowl XLIII brought us this year’s installment of what are always claimed to be great ads. […]