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July 2, 2022



Jaime Haines

27 Apr 2012

Students encouraged to live within their means

Living within one’s means involves only having what one can afford and it is essential to cultivating contentment in life. With huge debts and the incessant desire for more, many find it impossible to feel relaxed or satisfied.

20 Apr 2012

Easy tips for a stress free end of the semester

As summer nears, many students experience mixed emotions. After all, the last month of school is always insane. Clubs and departments are having their end-of-the year banquets, jobs are scheduling more hours, and classes have their final papers, projects and […]

13 Apr 2012

Mysterious depression affects students, hope contributes a cure

Depression is a mysterious thing. It’s an unseen force that can completely debilitate a person. It comes and goes as it pleases, destroying everything it can wrap its smoky tendrils around. Because of it, all emotions other than emptiness and […]

06 Apr 2012

Commonsensical thoughts sculpt present

We spend a lot of time thinking about the past by evaluating how we did or what we should have done and remembering past experiences, as well as thinking about the future by worrying, dreaming, planning, or wondering what is […]

30 Mar 2012

Biofield therapy extends health of strained students

When people feel pain, anxiety, depression, frustration, fatigue and other such symptoms, they seek treatment from doctors, therapists or psychiatrists. These professionals often use medication or talk therapy to manage symptoms. Unfortunately, medication comes with detrimental side effects and risks […]

23 Mar 2012

To-do lists resolve student home sickness quandary

Many of us spent the majority of our lives considering “home” as the house we lived in with close family; the place to return to no matter what the day was like.

02 Mar 2012

Finding true happiness can be a challenge, worth it in the end

These past several months, I have written about different ways readers can improve their lives. Ultimately, I try to share the knowledge I’ve gained in hopes that it will help someone else learn and change for the better. Because I […]

24 Feb 2012

Taking precautions so everyone can help prevent sexual assault

Since Valentine’s Day just passed, several of the campus residence halls themed their programs and activities around one topic this week: sex. Primarily, the halls seek to incorporate education into fun events. They hope to increase understanding and awareness of […]

10 Feb 2012

Organizing your schedule to complete your daily tasks

While many students came back to school with New Year’s resolutions and a resolve to make this the best semester, three weeks of classes already prove difficult for most. With commitments and personal life to balance, many find it hard […]

16 Dec 2011

The benefits of productivity, making the most out of this J-Term break

A quick weekend, cramming for finals, wrapping up responsibilities, packing and then going home for the holidays! While a full month off seems to offer endless time to be productive, many students find themselves scrambling the last few days of […]

Jaime Haines

Jaime Haines is an exuberant puppy-lover and “House” addict and plans to use her psychology degree to encourage activism and well-being through counseling, workshops, speeches, and the written word.