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Josh Dahlke

Josh Dahlke

20 Sep 2007

Chancellor supports reshuffling

The arrival of the 2007 fall semester at UW-River Falls brings with it not only changes in the trees, but also various changes in senior leadership positions at the University. Numerous faculty members have taken on new roles at UWRF and Chancellor Don Betz said that he believes every change will contribute to the betterment of the institution.

03 May 2007

Myth of poor college student disputed on, around campus

We have all heard it at some point “I’m just a poor college student.” However, the myth of the poor student is disputable.

26 Apr 2007

Sudanese refugee travels to tell his story

Violence in Sudan is presented in the media on a regular basis, but students at UW-River Falls recently had the opportunity to listen to a first-hand account of the atrocities.

26 Apr 2007

CBE receives accreditation

The UW-River Falls College of Business and Economics (CBE) now joins only a small percentage of colleges that have been accredited by one of the most elite accreditation organizations, showing the college’s commitment to a superior higher education.

12 Apr 2007

Kinni supplies fresh entertainment

It’s right in front of our eyes, and its potential to provide students with cheap entertainment, activities and even a release from stress is endless. This natural marvel is the Kinnickinnic River.

05 Apr 2007

Marching for peace

Every Monday at 6 p.m. people meet at Hagestad Hall to march down North Main Street and back, in an effort to promote peace and justice.

23 Mar 2007

Students actively participated in success of University Center

The completion and grand opening of the University Center this semester brought a sigh of relief and a feeling of excitement to many people in the UW-River Falls campus community.

08 Mar 2007

Students postpone schooling for military duty

At first glance UW-River Falls may appear to be a quiet college community, seemingly detached from many of the global issues reported in the news, such as the war in Iraq.

08 Mar 2007

Sexually-explicit DVDs surface around River Falls

Concern among law enforcement officials and parents has heightened as sexually explicit pornographic DVDs have been surfacing at several locations in River Falls.

15 Feb 2007

ADP encourages students to learn about democracy

In 2004 UW-River Falls became a member of the American Democracy Project (ADP), and over the last three years the project has come a long way through the presence of programs, information and events to get students involved in our democracy.