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February 2, 2023


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Only in the U.S.A: My experience of homecoming in UWRF

December 10, 2019

Introduction: As writing instructors in UWRF’s English Language Transition (ELT) Program one of our missions is to involve English learning students in campus activities while strengthening their knowledge of English. We could think of no better way to do this than to have them publish an article in the Student Voice. What you are about to read is the final product of several sessions of brainstorming and writing followed by consultations with native speakers including some from the TESOL program and the Student Voice. -- Kiki Augustin (ESL 211 Intermediate Writing) and Alex Hatheway (MODL 310 Advanced Composition)

Homecoming is a vital event for a university in America. During homecoming week, there will be a lot of events on campus for students and even residents living   in the community near the school to join. 

The homecoming week of University of Wisconsin River Falls was from October 14 to October 20. There were a variety of events held during that week, including parties, concerts and sports games. I heard that homecoming is an important event in America before I came here from Taiwan. Therefore, I really looking forward to experiencing it after I came to America. 

I was glad that I had a chance to experience the culture and events of homecoming in America. It was really exciting to me. During the week, I watched homecoming parade and joined some activities. I found that homecoming was vital not only for school but also the communities near campus. Many residents of communities near the school went to watch the homecoming parade with their children. All kids got a lot of candy after the parade. Besides, we could see a lot of workers of shops on the main street in the parade. The cheerleading team of senior high school in the city near UWRF also joined the parade. We also could find the school band from the middle school which near UWRF in the parade. It felt like homecoming was the important event for all the residents of River Falls. 

I participated in Homecoming Choral Concert at the last day of homecoming. It’s a big day for all chorus and choir in our school. Every members participated in the performance and sang the last song in combined choirs together at the end of the concert. It was impressed me that we had many people in the audience on that day and they were enthusiastic. That was my first time to perform with my chorus in America. I really appreciated that homecoming gave me such a good memory. 

Above all, the homecoming is a chance to know your school better. You can also experience the enthusiasm of people in the communities near the school. In my opinions, homecoming can make students get together more and also let them have chances to know the community near the school more. It’s great for both school and community can know each other better and they may have more cooperation through this wonderful tradition.