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May 27, 2022




College stress takes hold early in semester

February 7, 2013

With the brisk winter winds and snow that’s been softly falling this past week; we can officially say we made it through the first week of classes.

Walking to and fro all bundled up looking like the Michelin Man, I think I can speak for more than just myself when I say, “I’m ready for warmer weather.”

I received a few text messages and a call from my mother during the week. Like always, she was checking in to, quite literally, make sure I’m still alive. My parents always ask me how school went when I was growing up, and they still do. Like most parents do, I think; but it’s like saying how was that drive-by-shooting? You don’t care how it was.

While I was passing other students on the slim sidewalk cutting through campus, I heard chatter about how much homework they already have, and how behind they already feel.
I can relate, rolling my eyes and letting out a sigh as I walk on.

With what seems like everyone coughing and sniffling as you walk through a held open door, you begin to cringe at the thought of even getting sick, let alone breathing the same air as someone who in your opinion should be quarantined.

I am starting to feel my body grow achy and tired, already missing my bed and those extra “Zs.”

I was getting much like everyone else while on vacation; staying up late comes at a price for those 8 a.m. lectures.

Then again mama did say there would be days like this, it just seems too early in the semester to feel so run down.

Thursday, Jan. 31, had to be the worst day for anyone to have classes. That freezing wind whipping past my face and messing my neatly combed hair up, I immediately regretted not wearing a hat of some sort. It probably appeared as if I was crying, because of the sting in my eyes.

I can still hear my mother in the background telling me to “bundle up.”

There is something strange, yet, about this new semester, it hasn’t all sunk in yet that it is different. Different classes, a different schedule, a different personality about myself and my surroundings.

There is a determination I have deep down within, like I am sure most UW-River Falls students and faculty have.

Whether it’s the determination to perform better in the classroom, with your roommates or your job, that spark is there because it’s like setting a New Year’s resolution for yourself.

The idea of starting on a blank slate is so appealing to people, that fresh start to get back on track with how you actually want to live and go about your day.

As the weeks come and go, spring semester will be over before we know it and another portion of our busy life will take over with the summer weather.  For now we can hope for temperatures above freezing in this Wisconsin weather and a semester that will go our way as far as the grade book goes.

Whether today is a good day or a bad day, remember what your mother told you.

Miranda Hammel is a journalism major. She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, and being active outdoors.