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December 6, 2023



Letter to the editor

Smith columns not appropriate for Student Voice

October 11, 2012

In reading the several issues of the Student Voice which have been released so far during the 2012-13 academic year, I have been surprised by the writing that has been exhibited by columnist Tyler Smith. He refers to himself in his first piece, “First-year experience, moments in elevator spark life long lesson,” as “...a perspective which is equal parts demented and equal parts unapologetically brash. You will learn, in time, to love it.”

Unfortunately, I have not learned to love his writing style. His columns read largely like non sequitur thoughts used to fill the 500-700 word requirement, and when I have finally reached the core of his writing, it often does not get any better. His writing style contains both stories and opinions which would be more suited in a casual forum such as a Facebook status or blog post.

I was appalled upon reading of the punishment for his dog in his second column, “Thieves invade campus,” and the fact that he regarded it as “wicked fun times,” was quite disturbing.

I chose to send a letter due to his most recent column, “Teletubbies, creepers in van, create interesting blind date night,” which follows in the same vein as the previous two. He began by making fun of another student’s appearance and concluded with a story of insulting his date and referring to her as “bipolar.” I, for one, have not been remotely amused by his stories of awkward interactions with girls, severe punishments to his pets and harsh judgements on others’ choice of dress. However, as Tyler Smith always ends his columns with some sort of “lesson,” perhaps the lesson he should take from this is that tactless and unprofessional writing such as this is not appropriate or desired in a university newspaper.

Leo Alberti
Minneapolis, Minn.


Dana on 12 Oct 2012: Thank you for writing this! I know you're not the only person who feels this way about Smith. I sincerely hope his column is pulled from the Student Voice.