Student Voice


September 26, 2022



Li-yuan Hsu

03 May 2017

Keeping a diary is like building a time machine of our lives

Humans are forgetful creatures. Our brains start deteriorating as we get older, we take longer to learn new things and we don’t remember new information as quickly as we did, but the worst part is we lose our memories. It’s such a sorrowful thing that we start to forget the important moments or old friends in our lives.

11 Apr 2017

Long distance relationships make us consider the definition of true love

I don’t believe in long distance relationships, and neither does my ex-boyfriend. So it’s not surprising that we broke up peacefully before I came here. We didn’t want to be bound by each other.

04 Apr 2017

Culture shock gives people chance to step out of comfort zone

Before coming to the United States to study, I received a warning from my Taiwanese professor. She told me that there would be some challenges waiting for me that would not easy to overcome, especially since this is my first time living abroad.

28 Mar 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' emphasizes shift away from stereotypes in Disney films

“Beauty and the Beast,” the Disney animated film, was released in 1991 and earned a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. This classic was released this month as a live-action remake.

Li-yuan Hsu