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Brad Brookins

Brad Brookins

Brad Brookins is a graduate of UW-River Falls.

29 Oct 2009

Phones distract drivers

RIVER FALLS, Wis.—A man who wishes to remain anonymous became “irked” when he was cut off by another driver this past Thursday evening. The incident occurred just after 9 in the evening on the stretch of 35 just before the Main Street exit. The man, say Miles, was making his way home from a late […]

15 Oct 2009

Sales tax should apply to soda pop, unhealthy items

Who’s up in arms about taxing things that ought to be taxed, but aren’t? I’m up in arms about things that ought to be taxed, but aren’t. The latest craze in government control is whether or not to tax our liquefied sugar drinks called “pop,” or for you Wisconsin folks, “soda.” Border dialects aside, this […]

08 Oct 2009

College careers require re-focusing

I think it’s time for everyone on campus to take a big step back and re-examine the past month here at school. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Freshman are mostly settled in their dorms, sophomores are takin’ it easy, juniors are trying to figure out what midterm means the most, seniors are slidin’ down […]

01 Oct 2009

Flying beach ball most interesting part of homecoming football game

Students gathered at Ramer Field on Saturday, September 26th for the annual River Falls homecoming football game against Alma College from Michigan.

24 Sep 2009

Head colds stem from imagination, weak will

Okay, well, it’s week three and a half and everyone’s already sick. Good for you, especially if you’re a freshman who “isn’t ready for real class work to start.” I imagine there’s more than one of you out there right now not going to class because you had the sniffles.

18 Sep 2009

Unoriginal films tend to mimic each other, disappoint viewers

The gloves are off and my knuckles are singing like the Buffalo Grove Expressions show-choir at Carnegie Hall. First let me welcome everyone back to our lovely campus—it’s really good to see the weaving veins of campus pulsating with student life again. Summer dragged on an extra week, if you ask me, so I’m more […]

07 May 2009

Summertime troubles garner experiences

So I’ve been wondering a lot about what this summer will have to offer, or what I’ll have to offer this summer. It will be my fourth summer while attending UW-River Falls, and the three previous have all suggested different tones, adventures and outcomes.  My summertime tales after freshman year proved that hard work was […]

30 Apr 2009

Legal marijuana would hurt stoners, not help

Every 35 seconds I see a new article online about how weed needs to be legalized, or how it’s not as dangerous as we think, or how it could save the economy or about how President Obama admitted to smoking it back in the day with a tone of voice that’s somewhat justifying in the […]

23 Apr 2009

Columnist attacks conservative Christian for hypocritical beliefs

If I were gay, I’d be the most hardcore, pissed off, adrenaline junkified homosexual man on the planet. I’d skin my head, tattoo a swear word backwards on my forehead and wear black and white, urban commando BDU (military fatigues) shorts and combat boots that would never be fully tied. I’d also constantly be sprouting […]

16 Apr 2009

Smoking ban infringes on smokers’ rights

I’ve had a change of heart, and therefore will be switching gears.  Anti-smokers with little experience around chain-smoking cigarette wielders aggravate me about as much as the chain-smokers themselves. As I mentioned last week, I can stand the hazy environments of Main Street’s bar scene, and I can definitely handle my hoodies skunking up my […]