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Teresa Aviles

Teresa Aviles

Teresa Aviles is a student at UW-River Falls.

16 Oct 2008

Ally training held to educate students about GLBT community

The Minnesota Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GLBT) Campus Alliance held a three-hour ally training program at UW-River Falls Oct. 9. The event was held to train and educate those who attended on interacting with people from the GLBT community and how to deal with discrimination. “Let’s start with the word ‘gay,’” Ann Phibbs, the main […]

02 Oct 2008

First presidential debate reminds columnist of elementary school

When I ran for class president in the third grade, I won. The runner-up became my vice-president. Our differences were what made us a great team as we worked hard together to represent our class of 30 students and to sell the most heart-shaped lollipop Valentine-grams of any other classroom that year.   I often […]

02 Oct 2008

UWRF aims to run on all renewable energy by 2012

  Last semester’s deliberative polling recently presented results which show what UW-River Falls students think about the University’s plan for “going off the grid” by 2012.   A total of 62 students completed the survey by either attending the workshop or taking it online and were provided with a briefing booklet for each. The survey […]

25 Sep 2008

Universe wants you to be happy

There are really only two conditions of the human mind: very, very happy or about to become very, very happy. Which are you today? I’m both. A long-distance friend emailed me today with this message. Although this is a passage from the book “Notes from the Universe,” by author Mike Dooley, it struck me at […]

25 Sep 2008

Theater holds history, provides entertainment

The line of people standing and waiting is followed up through Veteran’s Park, past Foster Sports and into the classic Falls Theatre. Inside there is a young boy collecting ticket money, but gives no ticket. Instead he hopes you enjoy the show. The next line is for the fresh popcorn that cost 50 cents, or […]

18 Sep 2008

CAFES to determine fate of food science program

  The UW-River Falls food science and technology program is facing a potential elimination this fall semester. Come October, there will be a decision made to either eliminate the program from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Science (CAFES), change the curriculum to be available only as a minor or leave some courses suitable […]

18 Sep 2008

Beer offers more than a buzz for college students

When most college students are dirt poor and cannot afford the fancy organic marinade to cook their non-existent fancy steaks in, a realization after a few months of eating greasy pizza rolls is that all the money mom gave you is spent on drugs and beer. Ironically, cheap beer. Yes, this realization came to me […]

08 May 2008

Online survey assesses alcohol consumption

Student Health Services provides an on-line survey called e-Chug that assesses an individual’s alcohol consumption and compares the results to other UW-River Falls students as well as other college students in the nation.   The survey first asks demographic questions. Then it asks many questions about the student’s drinking habits, such as how often they […]

08 May 2008

Need for philanthropy org recognized

I never liked clubs. Going to first meetings of any club was always awkward, and there were hardly any enthusiastic attendees. The first meeting was always the last meeting I would attend. A club or organization should consist of people who encourage and influence each other positively within an area of interest.   Communication is […]

02 May 2008

Student uses study abroad experience to help others

UW-River Falls student Christine Selby strove for a challenge: to find a travel abroad experience that was affordable, to become fluent in a foreign language and to serve others while at the same time serving herself academically.