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July 22, 2024

Online survey assesses alcohol consumption

May 8, 2008

Student Health Services provides an on-line survey called e-Chug that assesses an individual’s alcohol consumption and compares the results to other UW-River Falls students as well as other college students in the nation.

  The survey first asks demographic questions. Then it asks many questions about the student’s drinking habits, such as how often they drink during the week and what their drinking experience is like. There are also questions regarding tobacco and marijuana use.

  “It makes the student think about what that means to them,” Keven Syverson, health education coordinator, said. “It gets you to think about [drinking habits].”

  The survey is operated and maintained by San Diego State University and is purchased by over 400 colleges and universities in 42 states as well as Canada and Australia to attack underage drinking issues. UWRF’s health services program purchased the survey with grant funding in August 2006.

  “I’ve never heard of the survey, but I do think that it is needed,” student Beck Forsland said. “I think a lot of students think it’s normal to drink that much. It’s just stereotypes.”

  One student does not seem to think that drinking is a problem or that the survey is that important.

  “I drink probably three days [out of the week]. People seem pretty responsible about it,” student Kue Lor said. “The only reason I would the do it [the e-Chug survey] is to find out the results.”

  The survey results are characterized with visual pie charts and by cheeseburgers in a beer glass indicating the amount of calories consumed within a month.

  “We encourage students to check it out. Personal counseling is available as well as other services,” Syverson said.

  If students feel that they have a problem with alcohol, tobacco or drug use, the counselors at Student Health Services are available in their new office in 211 Hagestad Hall.