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'Skyfall' stays true to Bond universe

November 29, 2012

I enjoyed “Skyfall” so much that I went to see it twice! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend that you do.

Daniel Craig is 44-years-old and has a distinguished appearance; however, he is still eye candy for many ladies. Craig, who has been playing James Bond since 2006, continued his great acting in this film. Bond even stated it himself in the movie: “Youth is not a guarantee of innovation.”

All the typical elements that Bond fans crave were in this film. There was action. There was suspense. There was sex appeal.

Bond was just as womanizing as ever. However, I did find it strange that he jumped into the shower with a strange woman and she didn’t call the cops.

While the credits of movies are usually boring, I was fascinated with the opening credits to this movie. Adele’s song “Skyfall” was paired with psychedelic graphics. This introduction set the mood for Bond’s epic adventure.

The whole premise of the movie was Bond’s objective of trying to stop a twisted and evil enemy who has stolen the register of British agents. The British government offers retirement for M, since M16 lost the list.

However, neither her or Bond are ready to back down, even with their increasing age. One of my favorite quotes from the movie was made by M: “Dignity? To hell with dignity! I’ll retire when my job is finally done.”

After the enemy continues to hack the agencies’ computer systems and starts a killing spree, it is even clearer that M and Bond need to step up and stop the evil-doer. Much blood is shed in this movie, as I expected.

Bond’s mission takes him back to his painful past and his courage and loyalty to his career are both tested throughout his quest.

The mission is, after all, carried out with courage and dignity until the bitter end by Bond and M. Even though the British government was questioning the relevance of the agents in modern society, the agents showed everyone how important and vital their work is.
“Skyfall” was not just a great Bond movie; it was an all-around great movie.

Nicole Hovatter is a student at UW-River Falls.