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Nathan Sparks

Nathan Sparks

07 May 2009

Religion’s usefulness limited in politics, grand scheme of life

I haven’t addressed the recent “gay rights vs. religion” debate in the Voice since Shawna Carpentier wrote her first column, and I guess it isn’t necessary. Enough has been said about that particular issue since last month, with many other people offering good arguments of their own. But after a while, the whole business did […]

30 Apr 2009

Personal fear important, national fear used to enslave

The American economy has been widely discussed, criticized and hotly debated over the last several months. It’s gotten to the point where even I am tired of hearing about the recession and the economic cost of living. I think there is a more important cost that extends to every facet of our lives as U.S. […]

30 Apr 2009

River Falls hotel construction to be completed in June

The Best Western hotel down the street from UW-River Falls is expected to be finished in less than two months. The three-story building, located on the corner of Cascade Avenue and Main Street, is around 100,000 square feet in size with an underground parking level. When opened, it will feature 86 rooms, a swimming pool, […]

23 Apr 2009

UWRF's sustainability plans continue despite economic downturn

Green initiatives and sustainability plans are expected to remain in place at UW-River Falls, regardless of the economic downturn. The most important of these plans is the University’s mission to go “off the grid,” or produce all of its own energy and utilities, by 2012. The St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development, has led […]

16 Apr 2009

College experience provides insight into societal norms, fallacies

The situation I’m about to describe to you is a true story, and by true, I mean false. It never happened. But it would be funny if it did, and it might save us a lot of late-semester stress and uncertainty. So here goes. To begin the story, it’s a bright, sunny day at the […]

09 Apr 2009

Gay, lesbian marriage requires equal respect

I am not known as a very outspoken person. I’m not a politician or an activist. I am not a member of any clubs, I donÕt march along with protests and there is no one cause that I passionately stand for. I think a lot of students here are the same way. We are bystanders, […]

09 Apr 2009

UWRF receives national online attention after student complaint

An entry in a political blog by a UW-River Falls student has called attention to alleged anti-Semitic comments made by professor Kiril Petkov in a session of History 101 on March 13. The blog displayed a message from senior history major Muriel Montgomery. The class session in question was about the theology of Islam. According […]

02 Apr 2009

Existence due to religion or science uncertain

Just a few days ago, I was surfing the Web for some recent New York Times stories on education and I found one that really stood out. A guy named Charles McGrath was describing some recent books about the evolution/creationism conflict. He summarized the stance taken by one of the authors this way: “ÉIf we […]

26 Mar 2009

New UW-River Falls provost, CBE dean set to take office July 1

After searching for a formal provost and dean of the College of Business and Economics since last fall, UW-River Falls filled both of these key positions last week. The new provost will be Fernando Delgado of Hamline University, and the CBE’s current Associate Dean Glenn Potts was appointed as new dean. Both of them will […]

12 Mar 2009

More to extremism than harsh labels

Extremism is a problem that exists all over the world. It can take many different forms, and in most of them it is illogical and dangerous. There are pro-life extremists who attack doctors or bomb abortion clinics; other religious extremists who use God’s name to justify violence, terrorism and their own ambitions to control society; […]