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Nathan Sparks

Nathan Sparks

05 Mar 2009

Economy not just responsibility of politicians

The economy has been letting a lot of people down since last fall. Many of us see the signs and are experiencing it personally. Maybe you or someone you know has lost a job, your friend’s life savings are going to pay the rent or your retired relatives are going back to work to support […]

05 Mar 2009

UWRF ag science engineering department acquires seed press

The UW-River Falls agricultural science engineering department has acquired a new machine for its bio-diesel research. The $7,500 machine, called a seed press, was purchased in December from a manufacturer in Eau Claire. Students are still testing the press to maximize its efficiency, but when ready it could produce additional oil to power the campus […]

05 Mar 2009

State budget plan means cuts for UW System schools

The state of Wisconsin’s new budget for the period of 2009-11 has been released. It is expected to shield students from low-income families from tuition increases, and cause nearly $150 million in cuts in the UW System. UW-River Falls may lose $4 million, some of it permanently, over the next two years. The plan, released […]

26 Feb 2009

Oscars add little substance to society

Maybe this won’t be a surprise to anyone, but I didn’t watch the Oscars this year. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever watched the full presentation of those awards…or the Grammys, the Emmys, the Tonys or the Golden Globes either. But it seems you can’t get away from them. For at least a week before […]

19 Feb 2009

Existence goes beyond the abortion debate

In the last two weeks, I read two Student Voice editorials on the subject of abortion. Both were interesting and well-written; both also made some generalizations that were less than fair. A pro-choice writer alleged that her opponents were really “anti-choice,” caring too much about the unborn and not enough about adults. The pro-life writer […]

13 Feb 2009

Students voice their opinions on Iraq

A survey on U.S. policy in Iraq conducted by the UW-River Falls political science department last semester indicated the average UWRF student favors economic development and partial U.S. troop withdrawals in Iraq.

12 Feb 2009

Quick fixes ‘shed pounds easily’

I tend to be very vocal when watching TV. I can’t just sit quietly and accept whatever I see and hear on the tube-I have to question it. And that goes double for commercials. At best they are artfully disguised grabs for money and at worst they simply insult our intelligence. Commercials offer a lot […]

05 Feb 2009

New semester not the only challenge

Welcome back to UW-River Falls, my friends. It’s great to be writing for you again. I feel something special in the air—maybe the winds of change that are sweeping by all of us these days. We can feel them as students, as U.S. citizens and as people in general. As students, we’re adjusting to brand […]

05 Feb 2009

American Pie shuts down

A new eatery called River Falls Family Restaurant is coming to 702 N. Main St. It will fill the space left by American Pie Pizza, which closed Dec. 21. The restaurant will have a more family-friendly atmosphere than its predecessor and will open its doors in March, manager Bardhyl Shabani said. Shabani said he is […]

11 Dec 2008

Success waits for those who force through

You might be really distracted this week, with your final assignments and exams staring you in the face. I know I am. Sweating over deadlines, studying for the tests and maybe juggling all of that with a job. It can drive you nuts. The closer you get to the end, the more trapped and frustrated […]