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November 28, 2022



Kacey Joslin

08 May 2019

Kleinpell Fine Arts building expects new media lab by Fall 2020     

In the next year, the first floor of Kleinpell Fine Arts will be seeing some major changes. A taskforce has been commissioned to plan a new media lab in KFA 112 and 113. The lab will include modern amenities such as smart technologies, a teaching space, a new equipment check-out center, a green room, a recording space and a collaboration station.

07 May 2019

Technology users concerned by privacy violations

“Espionage” sounds like a word straight out of a “Jason Bourne” film or a Cold War spy novel, but the act itself isn’t contained to the world of fiction.

01 May 2019

Distinguished teacher strongly recommends studying abroad  

Claire McCarty has been employed at UW-River Falls for nearly 20 years, teaching management to students in the College of Business and Economics. She was an integral part of CBE launching, which began 19 years ago. Although she feels that she spends a great deal of her free time working, McCarty has a wide variety of hobbies.

15 Apr 2019

Dining Services on campus encourages student feedback

Dining services is the food provider to the UW-River Falls campus, available to students at the University Center. There have been several changes to dining services over the last decade, including new management, inclusive menu options and an updated system for students to provide feedback. UW-River Falls is currently contracted with Chartwells, which is a food service firm.  

14 Apr 2019

Communication studies professors recommend balancing work and freetime

This month’s note-worthy staff members are Amber Pineda and Melissa Schnettler.  Amber Pineda is a recent addition to the UW-River Falls staff. She joined in August of 2018 as an associate lecturer for the Marketing Communications department. Pineda teaches writing for mass media, advertising and a digital press release class, as well as a class on persuasion.

14 Apr 2019

Deer disease spreads in Wisconsin

Chronic wasting disease, more commonly known as CWD, is an epidemic that has been spreading through Wisconsin since at least 2002, according to CWD expert, Bryan Richards. The disease is most prevalent among the deer population, mostly on commercial deer farms and hunting ranches. The disease has reportedly affected more than 5,200 deer as of March, 2019, as reported by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources CWD Statewide Surveillance.

13 Apr 2019

Pretty and powerful in pink: a review of 'Legally Blonde'

“Legally Blonde” was a blockbuster hit from the early 2000s, starring a number of c-list actors outshined by Witherspoon’s bubbly personality and bright pink wardrobe. It’s a go-to for cheap laughs, with a good message about self-respect, making it difficult to dislike.

02 Apr 2019

The epidemic of the non-reader

I used to be an avid reader, with an emphasis on “used to.” I was the type of child to bring a book with me everywhere. At family functions, I would avoid cheek-pinching relatives and hide in an empty bedroom, head bowed over the newest “Percy Jackson” installment. Late at night, on car rides home, I would greedibly lap up every beam of passing lamplight to catch even a glimpse of the next few sentences, giving myself quite the headache from squinting.

11 Mar 2019

German faculty host a visual storytelling workshop

Upcoming within the Screen and Stage Arts department at UW-River Falls is a visual storytelling workshop on April 2, 3 and 4 at the Chalmer Davee Library in the computer lab 162.

11 Mar 2019

Agriculture science professors describe their hobbies

This month’s note-worthy staff members are Veronica Justen and Yoana Newman.

Kacey Joslin

Kacey Joslin is a former student at UW-River Falls.