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August 17, 2022



Lee Bjerstedt

25 Oct 2007

Senate meeting focuses on Family Day, budget, campus safety

Family Day, an impending budget and campus safety concerns were all topics of discussion at Tuesday night’s Student Senate meeting.

19 Oct 2007

Students hold candlelight vigil, discuss rape issues

Students gathered in the University Center Tuesday for a candlelight vigil in support of the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims bill (AB 377/SB 129).

19 Oct 2007

Senate meeting short, informative

Two lengthy motions up for consideration made for a short Senate meeting Tuesday night.

11 Oct 2007

Board of Regents UWRF visit met with positive feedback

The UW Board of Regents returned to UW-River Falls for a very successful visit with students, staff and faculty Oct. 4 and 5.

11 Oct 2007

Motions spark debate, advisor announces she will move on

Several issues were discussed during an hour-long Student Senate meeting Tuesday night, including two motions concerning topics that sparked fairly extensive debate.

04 Oct 2007

The UW Board of Regents return to UWRF campus

For the first time in nearly seven years, the UW System Board of Regents will return to UW-River Falls.

04 Oct 2007

Motion passes, new members join Senate

During a meeting Tuesday, Student Senate had many motions on the table including two that brought in new members to join those recently elected, leading to a nearly full Senate and fresh ideas for the new year.

04 Oct 2007

Former student turned recreation coordinator

For most students, the typical pattern is: take finals, graduate, leave campus and find a job. But for Kurran Sagan, recreation coordinator, all of that happened without ever really leaving campus.

27 Sep 2007

Brandt, Deick look forward to good year for Senate

Student Senate was formed in order to “provide [students] with a student organization that is truly representative of the whole,” according to its Web site. Newly elected President Derek Brandt and Vice President Sara Deick have high goals this year to help Senate achieve just that through increased cooperation with students.

27 Sep 2007

Senate meeting short but productive

Student Senate discussed several upcoming events, and passed two motions in a short but productive meeting Sept. 25.

Lee Bjerstedt

Lee Bjerstedt is a student at UW-River Falls.