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November 29, 2023



Beef Management Team offers learning opportunities

November 15, 2021

The UWRF Beef Management Team uses its platform to build opportunities for its members to expand their experience as well as assist the community.

The team works closely with the Mann Valley Farm managers to provide for the needs of the heifer cows on the farm. Members work on improving genetics of the herd and determine which animals to sell.  The team is striving to become more of a seed stock operation which means they are focused on the genetics of the cattle within their specific breed of choice. This task would also make them eligible for being registered with a pure breed association. 

The goal of the Beef Management Team would be to a herd of 30 purebred Angus females and 30 purebred Hereford females. 

One event the team  helps the community with is hosting and participating in the St. Croix Bull test. This event provides producers the data needed to improve the genetics of their herds. In addition, they sell meat products to the community which consists of halves, quarters, and a variety of bundle options including ground beef, steaks, and roasts.  This requires many hours of planning on their part to determine the demand for products as well as pricing of it so they have enough to meet the demand.

Rachel Moseley is the president of the Beef Management Team. She explained the process this way, “We start advertising our beef sales in mid-October and end of February to get an idea on what will be selling. This way we can plan what animals will be used for accordingly. We buy market animals from the university lab farm and go through the university's meat plant for processing. From these prices for these services, items, and marketing trends we come up with a price for our meat.” 

The funds from the sales of the meat and sponsorships then go to further fund the team as well as more opportunities for the team to learn more about the industry and help others involved in production.

The team has also expanded to places outside of Wisconsin. Heidi Strey, the secretary of the herd, said the team recently sent team members on a production tour to South Dakota to learn how beef operations run and develop more connections in the industry. While there, one of their tours was Stavick Simmental Farms and where they had the opportunity to tour the facilities and operations of Mike, Myra, and Owen Stavick.

When they heard about Owen Stavick’s impending back surgery, they were presented with an opportunity for the team to give back.

“Each year Stavicks have a bull sale and they clip all their bulls in preparation for the sale,” said Strey. “Owen usually heads this up but since he's having back surgery he will need some assistants with sale day preparation. This is where we come in and see the opportunity to give back. We are very excited about the possible opportunity to travel back out to South Dakota to help out.” 

As of now, plans are being made for members to go back and help the Stavicks in February when Owen will not be able to help with the farm’s sale.

Olyvia Justman, a member of the Beef Management Team, said the organization has allowed her to build connections within the beef and agricultural industries. 

“Going to events such as NCBA and production tours for example allow members to personally meet and talk to leaders in the industry. BMT is also a team that requires personal and academic excellence. This pushes students to be the best that they can be.  Along with having these connections, the team also works hands-on with beef cattle. Members that have this experience will be able to take it back and incorporate it to their own farms.” 

Applications for second semester can be acquired by contacting their herd advisor Brenda Boetel and the Beef Management Team Facebook page.