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January 30, 2023



Greek orgs should seek to be involved with It's On Us

November 19, 2015

Last week was the It's On Us Week of Action, a full week of events dedicated to sexual assault awareness and prevention on college campuses. On Monday, Student Senate held a screening of the documentary The Hunting Ground. On Tuesday, there was a tabling event where students could sign a pledge to end sexual assault. On Wednesday, speaker Keith Edwards discussed the topic of "Ending Rape". On Thursday, students were inspired to wear light blue, the color of sexual assault prevention. Friday was dedicated to residence hall events. Although the week started out slow when it comes to attendance, it reached its peak with the speaking event on Wednesday. Students of all organizations, including student athletes, made the effort to show their support to this worthy cause. One group that was blatantly absent during the Week of Action was UWRF Greek Life.

Besides the fraternity Theta Chi making an It's On Us video halfway through the week, there was little evidence that any fraternity or sorority in Greek Life cared to be involved. According to Student Senate President Christopher Morgan, the three fraternities and four sororities on campus were contacted with the opportunity to be heavily involved with the It's On Us activities. Morgan said that the efforts to get in contact with Greek Life and get them involved was met with either unenthusiastic responses that led to little or no action, or no response at all.

No matter what the circumstances of the individual universities, there is an unfortunate but obvious assumption that Greek Life and sexual assault on college campuses go hand in hand. Because of this, it is especially unsettling that the fraternities and sororities on this campus showed no interest in speaking out against sexual assault on our campus.

When it comes to sexual assault on college campuses, it is important that everyone comes together to make UW-River Falls safe for everybody. Without the cooperation of the fraternities and sororities, it is hard to say whether or not the It's On Us campaign and the effort that has been put toward this campaign by organizations such as Student Senate, SART, the Student Feminist Organization, and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance will be as effective as it could be. Because of this, we urge the fraternities and sororities at UWRF to reevaluate what is important and get involved with the next It's On Us event.


Marcus Engle on 23 Nov 2015: This article is disgusting and a blatant attack on Greek Life and the stigma that comes with it. Where is the mention of Theta Chi's constant support of the Drag Show where they help raise money for SART? The strong showing of both fraternities and sororities at events such as Take Back The Night? Or how Theta Chi's video was made last semester? Greek Life has been at the front of the battle for Its On Us. No reevaluation needs to happen.

Ice Cube on 23 Nov 2015: Y'all are actin up, maybe it's time for you to start packin up. Don't be reckless, it's hard for student voice to do their research, no check list. Don't be jealous, not everyone can raise money like Greek life, feed my starving children, support the troops homie that's no hype. If you can't see that get lasik it's basic, student voice is baseless. It's clear that you have your own opinion and I have mine but at least try and get your facts straight next time.

Dave on 23 Nov 2015: There are more than 2 fraternities and 2 sororities on campus...? Fraternities: Theta Chi, Alpha Gamma Rho, Delta Theta Sigma Sororities: Phi Mu, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpha If the author of this well written, but very poorly researched article can't even do simple background then he/she should reevaluate a journalism career.