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Common Core Mathematics Project

September 26, 2014

“Core Math Progressions through Fractions and Algebra” will kick-off its first year of workshops and seminars later this month at UW-River Falls. The project was funded $119,182 through the UW System to provide professional development for elementary and middle school math teachers in western Wisconsin. The focus of the project is to provide training and assistance on implementing the Common Core math content and practice standards.

Faculty from UWRF and UW-Eau Claire will work with 40 elementary and middle school mathematics teachers in western Wisconsin. Districts include New Auburn (main partner), New Richmond (main partner), Bloomer, River Falls, Luck, Clayton, Chetek, Durand, Elk Mound, Prairie Farm and Barron. A group of teacher candidates from UWRiver Falls will also participate in the project.

Participants will meet on average once per month during the school year, which includes after school seminars and weekend sessions. During the summer there will be a weeklong intensive workshop and during the academic year the project will focus on the Common Core domains of Number and Operation (grades 3-5) and The Number System (grades 6-8). An emphasis will be placed on fractions, algebraic thinking, and exploring the eight mathematical practice standards.

“This program has great promise to enhance the learning of mathematics in this corner of the state. The enthusiasm of teachers enrolling in the program should provide for a very productive community of educators,” said Kathryn Ernie, emerita professor of mathematics at UWRF and project co-director stated. “An exciting feature of this project is that it provides a professional learning community for educators across multiple districts to learn from each other on how to successfully implement the standards. It also involves math teacher candidates from UWRF working alongside practicing teachers. It will provide them first-hand experience working with in-service teachers in a professional development environment.”

For more information on this program, contact Erick Hofacker at 715-425-3347 or