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Student Senate makes positive changes to its governing structure

February 6, 2014

While most UW-River Falls students enjoyed their break from school over J-term, Student Senate spent their time reformatting the entire structure of how Senate is run.

We want to first commend those on Senate who spent a significant amount of time going over the previous structure and finding a way to help make things run more efficiently by gearing Senate more towards the students of UWRF.

The Student Shared Governance Modernization Act was approved Tuesday evening at the Senate meeting by over two-thirds majority vote. A brand new Senate means streamlining the structure by consolidating committees and reducing repetition. It also means a better use of students’ money.

In previous years of Senate, they have worked hard to make UWRF an exceptional campus and this year of Senate is going above and beyond to make our campus even more efficient and open.

It is nice to see Senate encouraging students to get more involved on campus and initiating different tactics to make it easier to get involved as well. By making three new committees on Senate to be responsive to the needs of students will take getting students involved to a whole new level.

Senate has also expressed interested in extending their involvement with the city of River Falls and is currently working on a Town and Gown Association as a part of the Student Shared Governance Modernization Act.

Allocable Fees Appropriation Board has also worked hard this year to manage the budget and wisely use the single event funding. They are currently working on approving budgets for the 2014-2015 academic year and have shown dedication and commitment to best utilize the funds that are available.

Senate is concerned with representing the campus population fairly and has worked hard throughout the school year to improve campus. They have reached out to student media as well as different organizations across campus showing interest in their needs and concerns. It is reassuring to know that Senate is taking such long strides to switch their focus on being easily accessible to students.

Senate wasted no time this year to get important changes made and to make themselves more visible than they have been in previous years which was one of their goals stepping into office. The positivity and encouragement from Senate radiates campus wide and that certainly displays their success. Senate has made their eagerness to increase involvement shown by attending campus functions such as the meet and greet at the Phillip Phillips concert last semester to being more available in the Senate office.

Senate has continuously made an effort to reach out to students, especially with the Student Shared Governance Modernization Act. A video explaining it is available on Senate’s OrgSync page, which makes the information easier to understand. Students should take advantage of the information made available by Senate.

Students are welcome to attend Senate meetings every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Willow River Room in the University Center.