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November 29, 2022



Letter to the editor

Dress code column inaccurate, incomplete

March 7, 2013

After reading the column by the fashionista who advised me to wear “cute leggings” to the library, I would like to mention a few things (Student Voice, March 1, “College events call for dressing part, stepping up”).

Leggings are not pants. It is simply illogical that anyone would want to wear them as pants. For instance, one problem with them is that I think every male on campus knows that if you take a picture (with a flash) of a girl with leggings on that the leggings become see through. That means, dear, I know exactly what you are wearing under them, which is typically not much. Also, in the Midwest, the land of boobs, butts and guts, there are only a select few that can pull them off. Yoga pants could serve as an alternative to leggings.

In terms of professional dress, I would like to add a few things. She suggested a nice cardigan and a light colored pencil skirt, and all that jazz, for internship dress. This would depend on the internship that you are working for first of all.  I do not know any farmers who would take someone who looked like that seriously if they were in the field for a crop scouting internship.

My second point would be in an internship interview, you are going to want to ramp up the professionalism. For interviews, correctly fitting dress pants, a button down shirt and close-toed shoes for the ladies would be perfect. If there is a matching blazer hanging in your closet as well, that is a beautiful addition. For more professional advice, Career Services will be hosting its annual Runway to Success event at 8 p.m. on April 3, in the Falcon’s Nest at the University Center.