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Career Services helps students dress for success

March 21, 2013

Career Services will be hosting its annual Runway to Success from 8-9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, in the Falcon’s Nest at the University Center.

The event features four different categories of attire which will be displayed: professional wear, business casual, casual and what not to wear.

“This year, we’re trying to really stump students and make them think ‘OK what’s wrong with this outfit, I wore this last week to my interview. What can I change with this?’” said Runway Coordinator Emily Klanderman.

Klanderman said that a wide range of students come to the event every year. She said that it is beneficial for juniors and seniors who are seriously looking at summer internships and jobs who may need to know what to wear.

Klanderman also said Runway to Success is great for underclassmen as well, so they can be prepared for when they also need to seriously look for internships and jobs.

“There is definitely incentive for students to come to the event. Not only for learning about the importance of professional wear, but also JoS. A. Bank offers a 70 percent discount for suits and a 50 percent discount on shirts and accessories for students who attend the event,” Klanderman said.

UW-River Falls junior Shannon Regan said that she plans on attending Runway to Success both because she has friends who are participating as models, and because it is entertaining and helpful.

“The what not to wear is always super funny,” Regan said. “It’s also nice to get some ideas of what you could wear without buying a whole new wardrobe.”

Klanderman echoed this as well, and said that part of the event is showing students that they can dress well while also  being on a college budget.

“We’re college students, and we don’t have a lot of money to spend on professional wear, but that shouldn’t be an excuse,” Klanderman said.

She added that this year’s show will highlight the fact that there are plenty of opportunity and ways students can dress professionally on a low budget.

According to an article from WorkBuzz (powered by Career Builder), more and more companies are using social media to recruit and find new workers. It also states that because of this, most potential employees only get one chance at an interview. Klanderman added that with more and more people on social media, a lot of students don’t realize that they still need to look professional when going to an interview or working at an internship.

“As social media is becoming more prevalent, the importance of a whole professional image is very significant, and student’s sometimes forget that,” Klanderman said.

Last year about 105 students attended the event. Klanderman said that they hope for more this year and that there is incentive for students to come in addition to the JoS. A. Bank coupon.

“We’ve got our halftime show that occurs in-between the business casual and casual wear,” Klanderman said.
She added that sponsors such as Subway, Yo-Joe’s, St. Croix Lanes and Holiday will be giving away gift cards and other items as a part of the halftime show.

In addition to Runway to Success, Career Services will be hosting other events this semester including: the Etiquette Dinner, the Networking Social and the Mock Interview Day.