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May 27, 2022



Libertarian Party organizer releases position video library for local caucus held Feb. 23

February 14, 2013

Libertarian Party organizer Robert Burke released a “Libertarian Library” of eight videos to help citizens in Pierce and St. Croix counties make an informed decision on whether to join the new party caucus Feb. 23 at UW-River Falls. The library is hosted at, which also has information about the caucus.

“We don’t sound like the red and blue teams and there is a reason for that; we are neither,” said Burke, producer and presenter in the videos. “If Pierce and St. Croix residents give just five minutes to see for themselves if Libertarians offer something new to the conversation, things will start to change.”

The eight video topics, running two to four minutes, include discussions on Medicare, Social Security, U.S. spending deficit, Libertarian principles, an “Introduction to a Peaceful Movement,” the Federal Reserve and gold standard, and a pair of videos explaining the truth about taxes. “There was no shying from the major issues like Social Security and Medicare. We are in serious trouble and any real solution will require a new and simpler tax system, which we believe people will clamor for the second they really understand the nature of our current tax system.”

Burke, a former 3rd Congressional District Vice-Chair and 20-year member of the Republican Party had this advice for Tea Party supporters, “If it is becoming clear to you that your movement has been co-opted by Republicans only interested in getting you to bang your drum to their beat we are a whole new rhythm section.”

Asked why the library did not address military spending, Burke said, “That one is covered loudest in ‘A Movement Based on Peace.’ Our problem is not military spending, it’s our desire to dominate the world. Tell me that isn’t getting to the heart of the problem.”
The Libertarian Party of Pierce-St. Croix will be holding its first Caucus and is accepting new memberships Saturday, Feb. 23.

The event is to be held at the UWRF in the St. Croix River Room in the University Center with parking lots F and T the most convenient to the building. There are no parking meter fees on weekends.

Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party fights for the individual freedoms of all people and a return to a constitutional government, and sound money. To begin your own local Libertarian Party contact the state party - or contact the National Libertarian Party -