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May 27, 2022




Thanksgiving break a good time to recharge batteries

November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving break is only days away.

The key word in that sentence is “break.” Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and gorge ourselves on all the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes we all can eat.

However, for college students, the most important part is simply getting away from the classroom.

Winter has all but arrived, and the stress and pressures of school are bearing down on all students. This makes it even more important to get away for Thanksgiving break.

A three-day break away from school is exactly what all college students need at this point in the semester. With only a month to go until finals it can be easy to lose focus on what is the most important: school.

In late November and early December the weather changes and the “winter blues” begin to set in. Students begin to care a little less, be slightly less active and slack off on school work.

Don’t let this be you.

We have all fought through three months of school this semester. In comparison to that, three weeks isn’t a whole lot to ask for.

Again, that’s what this break is for. It is a finely placed break so we can all recharge and get prepared for the home stretch of the race that is the fall semester.
When we all return from Thanksgiving the big push begins. Time to boost those grades before finals week, start going to class if you aren’t and start pumping out those term papers.

It certainly seems daunting when looking at a given class syllabus and looking at all of the work which has yet to be done.

That’s what this break is for. Preparing for that final push. Preparing by relaxing and getting mentally prepared for the push. Not by stressing out and trying to write a seven-page paper while the rest of your family enjoys a delicious turkey dinner.

This break is here for us, as college students, to relax and regroup. Eat some turkey, watch some football or basketball, lay around and do nothing or go Black Friday shopping.
Enjoy the three-day break that we are given. Take some time to recharge your batteries in whatever way you need to. When we get back from the break we have three weeks until finals. Use this break to rest, relax and have some fun, but be prepared to fight through three more weeks when we get back.