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March 26, 2023




Students encouraged to demonstrate respect as residents of River Falls

March 30, 2012

The Student Voice editorial board feels it necessary to once again reiterate how important it is to maintain a sense of respect for the UW-River Falls campus, fellow students, professors and all staff, as well as the town of River Falls.

The issue of littering has once again become troublesome around campus, as many students seem to be complaining about the lack of compliancy when it comes to using trash receptacles and ashtrays.

According to the UWRF website, the development of a non-smoking policy was based on faculty, staff and student deliberations and recommendations. The recognition of the substantial health risk that occurs when people are exposed to tobacco smoke was a critical consideration in the formation of this policy. Smoking is not allowed in any campus building or state vehicle; and effective Jan. 1, 2004, smoking is banned within 25 feet of all campus buildings.

Being that it has been over eight years since the onset of the 25 foot rule, you would think that the observation of this use would be regularly practiced. We here at the Voice urge students and staff to be cognizant of this rule, out of respect for your cohorts here at UWRF.

As part and parcel of such, we also encourage students to be respectful of fellow classmates as well as professors. Texting in class is not only an annoyance to the professor, but also to those sitting around you. Please, for the sake of the sanity of the other individuals in your classroom, cease your texting!

Another way to show respect for UWRF is to become involved in student affairs. A great way to do so is to actively participate in the Student Senate elections, which are to take place early next week. By doing your research and understanding the values and goals of each candidate, you can vote appropriately to aid in the process of making change. There are far too many students on this campus who do not vote in these elections, or even know that they are going on. Part of the experience of attending a university is becoming aware of all that it stands for and how exactly it operates.

Showing support for various athletic teams on campus is also a great way to demonstrate UWRF pride. It seems to be the general consensus that far too few students take an active interest in Falcon athletics.

So, students of UWRF, remember to take pride in this University by showing respect for all others and actively participating in campus events.