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March 2, 2024



Letter to the editor

Republicans manifest women’s rights

March 30, 2012

Condoms and the birth control pill allowed women and men of my generation to plan when and how many children they will have. Unfortunately the Republican party of today opposes the American people controlling their own reproductive choices. Republican backers have gone so far as to call women whores if they want to use birth control.

Not one of the Republican presidential candidates has had the courage to stop these attacks on women. Their silence indicates that they lack the courage to stand up against special interests.

In Wisconsin, Scott Walker and the Republican party have gone so far as to oppose teaching about birth control, and want to institute criminal penalties for teaching about condoms and the birth control pill. It is time to stop the Republican big government attacks on women.

This year I will be supporting candidates that protect my rights. This year I will be a voter. I will support candidates for the County Board and City council that will protect our reproductive health clinic in the April 3 election.

I will be a voter in the recall elections on May 8 and June 5 and support candidates that understand the importance of birth control.

Lynn Linder