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January 30, 2023



Students should stay active over summer

May 5, 2011

The end of the academic year is in clear sight and many students are thinking about their summer plans rather than what will be on their finals. Even though the school year has been long, arduous and stressful, students should finish out the year strong.  By studying hard, summer vacation will seem more gratifying.

Once finals are finished, marking the beginning of three months off from the academic year for many and the start of a new chapter for some, it is no wonder why summer vacation is lusted over. 

Although the desire and yearning for a break is completely warranted, everyone should consider what they will do with their time and make a plan.
For those that will be returning to school in the fall, there are several things that you should be mindful of.

First off, above all else, have fun and relax.  College can be a very difficult time and during the school year, there seems to be only enough time to study and sleep.  Utilize the time during summer break to travel. Go on a road trip somewhere and visit a national park. By traveling, one can learn about culture, geography and history without having to sit in a classroom. 

Returning students should also work during the summer and save money for the following year’s tuition.  Although it may be tempting to take out loans, for they are so easy to qualify for, try and save enough money to pay for the tuition without loans. 

Another summer activity, although some may ardently detest it, is to take a summer course.  This will help add structure to your summer while also speeding up the time it will take to graduate.

The final thing that should be on the summer to-do list is reading.  This goes for graduating seniors too.  Don’t think you are exempt from picking up a book just because you have a diploma in your hand.  Depending on your reading style, write down several book titles and challenge yourself to see how many you can read. 

For those graduating seniors, much of the previous mentioned advice applies to you.  Travel as much as possible and read.  Besides that, search for a full time job and don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than anticipated.  Also, keep in touch with your professors for they will provide references and may know of a job opening.

Alumni services can provide the opportunity to reconnect with your fellow graduates.