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July 14, 2024


Campus media fee could free up AFAB budget

April 28, 2011

One of the current debates within the Student Senate pertains to student organizations and funding from the Allocable Fees and Appropriation Board (AFAB). As the board’s policy now states, no student organization that charges money to its members is eligible for funding from AFAB.  Fraternities and sororities are some examples of the dues charging organizations that are unable to receive money from AFAB.  Several arguments arise opposing this current policy.

The organizations that charge its members dues are only a small percentage of the total number of student organizations on campus.  Already feeling like they are being singled out and treated unfairly, these student organizations have had to raise money on their own through fundraising and other means.  Those left out have another argument that carries true weight.  They as students, pay tuition and fees, so therefore believe that they should be eligible for funding from AFAB. 

The opposing argument, held by members of AFAB, pertains to the issue of overseeing the funds for those organizations.  They claim that it could prove difficult to monitor the organizations spending.  Another argument deals with the total amount of money AFAB can divvy out each year. If more organizations are eligible for AFAB money, then there will be less money available for all the organizations.

Allocating money is a common issue in the world of politics but the Student Voice is proposing a solution that could help remedy the situation.

We call on the Senate and AFAB to seriously consider looking into a student media fee that would fund the Student Voice, WRFW, Focus on U and Prologue.  This would free up more than 25 percent of what AFAB allocates and would allow other organizations to receive funding. You may be questioning why the student media organizations consume so much of the AFAB budget. In terms of the Student Voice, the money allocated, which amounts to around $20,000 a year pays for the cost of printing while advertising dollars goes towards payroll.

While minimizing conflict between AFAB and the student organizations that are shorthanded and the organizations that are currently left out, student media would be able to ensure that it continues to provide a high level of service to the campus community. If you are a proponent of this proposal or are ardently opposed to it, please write us or let your Senators know. 

This is not a self-serving proposal but is rather a plan that would benefit all organizations on campus.