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December 1, 2023



Letter to the editor

Student warns pedestrians of River Falls traffic, disapproves column

February 10, 2011

There are two things that need to be addressed. First, it is insane how college students on this campus don’t seem to even look up to notice if a car is going to hit them or not while crossing the street. Over half the time they aren’t even in a crosswalk. I am a student here and also have to drive the campus streets. I have almost hit two students who walked out in front of me, were 50 feet from a crosswalk and then yelled at me. Hey, if you’re not in a crosswalk and you step out into traffic and get hit, blame yourself. This is a college town but it is also home to many non college students. Try to be respectful and realize that you do not have the right of way all the time just because you’re walking along campus. Get yourself in a crosswalk, look up and cross when cars have stopped. Quit thinking that you’re so important that the rest of the world should stop for you.

Secondly, If you are the front page editor of this paper I think you should think twice before saying a ton of cheeky comments about a football game. The fact that the front page editor continuously cuts down the Packers, and stated in no uncertain terms that they would lose, then proceeded to explain why and talk about the players hair... I don’t know. I read this and I don’t even care about football and I thought it was a poorly planned out piece. Considering you were totally wrong and the Packers won and the talk about the hair... you should have let someone else with little to lose write this. I think you totally discredited yourself as a writer for the paper. I guess I just think if you’re a triple major in English and front page editor you would have chosen something with more substance and not completely discredited yourself as a serious writer. Seems to me a serious writer for a paper wouldn’t give themselves the chance to then have to eat their words.

Maria Evans


Gina Rice on 15 Feb 2011: It is writers like this one who should write for the Voice, but won't because of its reputation. I have also noticed that, more often than not, the Voice functions as an editorial/opinion journal than an unbiased and informative news source. Writers for this journal will have a nice title to put on their resume, but once they meet real-life editors who do not tolerate a word of biased language in their news columns they will find that their journalism skills are lacking. Call it a tabloid, gossip column, editorial, or opinion journal, but don't call it news unless you can "write it right." And J-walkers can kiss my bumper - because crosswalks have a purpose.