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December 1, 2023



Letter to the editor

Candidates liable for acquaintances

April 25, 2008

In last week’s edition of the Student Voice, Mike Pearson wrote a great column regarding campus politics. Although I agree with the general attitude of his column, I find his comment about the “next great American President” irresponsible.

Mr. Pearson says the movie “Black Sheep” has “taught us to look at the candidate and not judge him by the company he keeps.” When voting for the President of the United States, are citizens not responsible for ensuring that their candidate supports the interests of all Americans?

Apparently Mr. Pearson supports Barack Obama, and the statement in his article must pertain to Obama’s relationship with Rev. Wright. I understand we all have the right to our own opinions, and I respect Mr. Pearson for formulating an opinion, but I lose respect for him when he makes comments excusing Obama’s spiritual relationship with a man who hates the United States.

Whatever Barack Obama does in his private life should be kept private. However, when he runs for President, the American people deserve to know what kind of compa- ny he keeps. Anyone determined enough to serve this country in the highest office should definitely be scrutinized for his or her associations.

Most professors that I've had say that one of the most important lessons learned in college is the ability to think critically. This is one of the easiest examples of thinking critically. Is there such a thing as the ‘perfect candidate?’ I don’t think so.

But should we hold presidential candidates accountable for their actions and the company they keep? Absolutely. It’s time to enter the real world and realize there are consequences for bad choices.

Josh Breyer, Student