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November 30, 2023




Falcon fans need to show their support

February 29, 2008

As the new sports editor for the Student Voice this semester, I had slightly “cold feet” coming into the job about my own interest in sports and just how well my sports experiences had prepared me for it.

Even though throughout high school I had figure skated, played volleyball and attended many games, I had never had to write about sports before.

Due to my unfamiliarity withsports, and in an effort to acclimate myself to the sports beat, I have decided that I should attend more sporting events here on campus than I have in the past. I think going to more games will help me to better understand the sports themselves and provide some great entertainment.

Having been raised in northern Minnesota, I have always had a certain love for watching hockey games. Naturally, I began working on my goal by attending some Falcon hockey games on campus.
The fan attendance at the UW-River Falls men’s hockey games I went to was pretty good at every game, with the greatest number of fans I have seen come out this year at the “White Out” game Feb. 8.

Likewise, the UWRF men’s basketball team played in the “Kram Karges” game Feb. 13, when fans packed the gym for a home-court victory over UW-La Crosse.

But, of course, men’s hockey and men’s basketball are not the only sports the Falcons play.
Therefore, I believe fan attendance should be high for all other sporting events, too. It seems to me that the bigger the crowd is at a game -- whether it is for hockey, football, basketball, softball, etc. -- the more hyped up the players, coaches and fans become.

If more students could attend more games, meets and matches, I think sports here at UWRF would be even more fun for everyone involved.

And so I challenge you, UWRF students, to attend as many Falcon sporting events as you can.

Alayne Hockman is a student at UW-River Falls.