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September 26, 2022



Letter to the editor

Students’ behavior is rude, embarrassing

September 21, 2007

Last Wednesday, there were a few “Christian” gentlemen speaking in front of the University Center drawing some large crowds. Being an Evangelical Christian myself, I was interested in finding out what these men had to say. I recognized one man from an event in front of Hagestad last year. He and one of the other speakers were quite radical in their teachings and seemed very harsh to me. The third speaker was more soft-spoken and sincere. I was not surprised by what these men were saying or why they were saying it. But there were many things that made my blood boil, and none of these had anything to do with the three speakers.

Some students were listening intently, having to strain to hear what the men were saying. Other students laughed and shook their heads; completely disagreeing with everything they had to say. But some students went out of their way to try to embarrass or upset the men speaking, and this is when I started getting upset. One of the speakers expressed his opinion of Greek communities being sinful and bad influences. Afterwards, a bunch of Greeks were yelling and harassing him.

I have recently been heavily recruited by a fraternity, and the actions of these select students made me seriously doubt if I wanted to be associated with these groups. The actions taken by our students were disgusting and extremely disrespectful, and it made me embarrassed to be a student of UWRF.

I would also like to let the student body know that the vast majority of Christians do not agree with what these men were preaching yesterday. There is not one sentence in the Bible that says that anyone should hate another.

So I would like to say that although the speakers were out of line, the actions taken by students were outrageous, disgusting, childish and rude. This was the first time in my three-year career that I was truly embarrassed to be a Falcon.

J.J. Mosher