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November 30, 2023



Letter to the editor

Sweats are no better on guys

February 9, 2007

In response to your “Sweatpants” article, yes, guys are just as guilty of wearing sweatpants to class as the women, if not more so. And why not wear them if they’re comfortable? So you’re saying it’s acceptable for guys to wear them because they don’t look frumpy? I beg to differ.

Sweatpants aren’t especially flattering on guys either. But why is this even an issue in the first place? Who really cares, besides you Kris, about how we look at class? Did it ever occur to you that a girl in sweatpants maybe forfeited her “getting ready time” in the morning because she needed extra time to prepare for classes?

Second of all, which guys are actually spending their time in class choosing which girls they will or will not talk to? I’d like to tell them that they’re shallow to judge only by appearance, especially when there are certainly other qualities more important to admire in a classroom setting. Maybe these guys should consider the fact that these “bag ladies” are serious students, and at class for the right reasons. When necessary, we women do dress for the occasion, and that’s our prerogative.

In response to your questions, yes, I am single, and I do wear sweatpants to class sometimes. Your claiming that I am alone because of it is ridiculous. Don’t plan on my coming to class looking like a beauty pageant contestant. If I did so, and treated the classroom like a singles bar, the only jerks I would attract are the ones who are looking for “curves, bells, and whistles.” And a word of advice: for checking out women, I would suggest paying cover at a local club instead of tuition. It’s much cheaper.

Ashley Severson