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November 30, 2023



Letter to the editor

Opinions don’t matter

February 16, 2007

Kris Evans, and many on campus, don’t understand plenty of things. But worst of all is they can’t comprehend how little anyone’s opinion matters about anything. The question is not “what can one person do?” it’s “what does any of it matter?”

It doesn’t matter, not Kris’ opinion about anything, not anyone else’s opinion about Kris, not my opinion, nothing. Kris’ sweatpants article may have “affected” people, but not in any sort of way that matters at all. There was a small, pathetic “uproar” (that I didn’t even hear about; I had to read about it) that will eventually die down into nothing, like anyone else’s stupid opinion about anything.

I have had a few classes with Kris and (thankfully) not many discussions with him. He seems cool but he thinks he knows everything, which is pretty funny considering. He once “informed” me that Paul McCartney is a prick because he wants the people who work for him to be vegetarians. God forbid! It’s like a church asking their employees to be Christian, ya know; what a stupid concept. What a god-awful prick that McCartney is.

Get over yourself, Kris, for the love of God. No one in their right mind cares what you think. Fortunately for you, and every other opinionated hack that knows nothing and writes or talks about it, almost nobody is in their right mind anyway and thus many will actually take you seriously. Too bad for them. Oh, and I’m aware that it’s contradictory to have an opinion that I think matters about how opinions don’t matter. The difference is that my opinion is authoritative. May a meteor hit the planet soon so everyone’s opinions won’t matter anymore. It could happen, ya know. Tomorrow isn’t promised. So let’s have fun and stop being such idiots, huh?

Erik Ritland