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December 1, 2023



Letter to the editor

College students should be selfish

February 16, 2007

So, I am writing this letter to the editor to appease the staff of the Student Voice and to all those who care about making sure students have their voices heard. It is ironic that I am even writing at all. You want letters to the editor? You definitely have them now. I must say, when I read the “Sweatpants” article I knew that Kris Evans didn’t really mean what he said and he was only trying to get a reaction out of students. I’m sure his current article, “Students are selfish, apathetic” will do the same thing since it obviously motivated me to write. However, I am sitting here writing this letter when I should be studying for the three tests I have this week (and I am also wearing sweatpants I might add).

You wonder why students don’t voice their opinions on more important issues like the war on Iraq or American health insurance? For me, and I can only say this applies to me and not the student body as a whole, I have many other things to worry about rather than making sure my voice is heard. Yes, of course that makes me selfish. College is the one point in our lives we have to be selfish. We are making decisions here that affect the rest of our lives. So paying close attention to our personal needs is the only thing we should concern ourselves with right now.

We also may feel strongly about an issue but may not be passionate enough about it to try and make a difference. We have other passions (hopefully within our areas of study) and are subsequently putting our efforts to more appropriate use there. Therefore, I’m saying take advantage of every moment you have for yourself and don’t let someone tell you that that’s wrong, or apathetic.

Elizabeth Allen