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Katie Velebir

Katie Velebir

Katie Velebir is a student at UW-River Falls.

03 May 2007

Students make adjustment from home life to college

A major adjustment many college students must make is the transition from a home life with parents and family, to a life of uncertainty and being on their own. There are many new experiences open to the college student. Two of them are income and credit. Students at any level must decide how to effectively […]

03 May 2007

New River Falls attractions prove prosperous

Two new attractions opened in River Falls in a three-week span, proving that as the city grows, so does the opportunity for business. Walgreens opened its doors to the public March 23; three weeks later, Rush River Brewery brewed its first batch of beer. Rush River Brewery owners, Dan Chang and Nick Anderson look forward […]

19 Oct 2006

City slickers get agricultural experience

A new program has begun at UW-River Falls that is designed to spark interest in the agricultural science field among inner-city students. This year, the University awarded four inner-city students $6,000 each per year for a four-year period to study agricultural science. Five students and two alternates were initially selected for the program, however one […]

21 Sep 2006

Davee computer labs transform into new centers

UW-River Falls underwent a few changes while students were enjoying their summer vacation, and some can be seen in the basement of Davee Library.