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September 26, 2022



Katie Velebir

03 May 2007

Students make adjustment from home life to college

A major adjustment many college students must make is the transition from a home life with parents and family, to a life of uncertainty and being on their own. There are many new experiences open to the college student. Two […]

03 May 2007

New River Falls attractions prove prosperous

Two new attractions opened in River Falls in a three-week span, proving that as the city grows, so does the opportunity for business. Walgreens opened its doors to the public March 23; three weeks later, Rush River Brewery brewed its […]

19 Oct 2006

City slickers get agricultural experience

A new program has begun at UW-River Falls that is designed to spark interest in the agricultural science field among inner-city students. This year, the University awarded four inner-city students $6,000 each per year for a four-year period to study […]

21 Sep 2006

Davee computer labs transform into new centers

UW-River Falls underwent a few changes while students were enjoying their summer vacation, and some can be seen in the basement of Davee Library.

Katie Velebir

Katie Velebir is a student at UW-River Falls.